Mariah Carey Sues Assistant Over $8 Million Blackmail Plot Involving ‘Intimate Videos’

Matthew SimmonsGetty Images

Mariah Carey is suing her former personal assistant, claiming that she secretly recorded intimate videos of the singer and threatened to release the videos unless Carey paid her $8 million. In the lawsuit, Carey claims that Lianna Azarian filmed the star doing personal and potentially embarrassing things and has been threatening to show them to the public since she was fired in November 2017, TMZ reports.

According to the documents, Azarian “secretly filmed Mariah engaged in personal activities which, if revealed … would be personally embarrassing and professionally damaging to Mariah.”

No word on what exactly is in the videos, but they are described as intimate and personal.

Carey hired her assistant with a starting salary of $250,000 – which eventually increased to $327,000 – in March 2015. Apparently, that wasn’t enough because Azarian promptly began purchasing things using Carey’s credit cards and attempting to get discounts by using the singer’s name, according to the documents.

The lawsuit says she “regularly made purchases for her personal benefit on credit cards provided to her by Mariah exclusively for business purposes.”

Azarian and Carey parted ways in November 2017, and allegedly, that’s when the extortion began.

The suit claims Azarian “blackmailed Mariah by threatening to ‘go public’ with the videos she surreptitiously took of Mariah without her consent unless Mariah paid her $8,000,000.”

The suit goes on to call Azarian “a grifter, a Peeping (Tom)asina and an extortionist.”

Carey is suing for breach of contract, extortion, and invasion of privacy, and though the lawsuit doesn’t say how much she is seeking, it is in excess of $3 million. She also wants to be able to claim all of the goods that Azarian purchased using her money and wants the return of the videos.

The news comes just days after Carey settled yet another legal dispute. The “Always Be My Baby” singer’s former manager Stella Bulochnikov accused Carey of sexual harassment, demanding $100 million for what she claims Carey earned with her assistance.

The two parted ways in November 2017 after working together for three years. In April 2018, Bulochnikov sued the pop star, alleging breach of contract and saying that Carey was often nude in her presence, which she felt was sexual harassment.

Carey shot back, saying she fired her manager for failing to perform her job appropriately.

Last week, Page Six revealed that the pair had reached a resolution, with each party bearing its own legal costs and attorney fees. Bulochnikov agreed to end her action against Carey. An attorney declined to confirm or deny whether there was any cash payment to Bulochnikov.