Victoria’s Secret Model Surprises Her Fans By Revealing That She Ate A Huge Burger With Fries

Robert MarquardtGetty Images For W Hotels

Victoria’s Secret model Martha Hunt is known for posting sultry pics of herself on her Instagram account and she is popular among her fans for her exceptionally well-toned and sexy figure. However, when she posted a new snap on Tuesday, January 15, it left her fans surprised because she revealed that she ate a large burger with lots of fries.

A common perception among people is that models don’t eat any junk food — which is true because a well-toned figure is their bread and butter and they can’t afford to eat unhealthy and fattening food. However, models are humans, too, and they have a right to indulge every once in a while. Martha did the same and the smile on her face shows that she was pretty pleased with her decision to eat the scrumptious-looking meal.

In the snap, Martha is featured wearing a low-neck, black lace top which provided a glimpse of her deep cleavage. She wore a printed green cape and accessorized with a pair of gold hoop earrings. Martha wore minimal makeup and let her blonde tresses down. But the most intriguing part of the picture was the sight of the burger and fries that sat on a table in front of her. Within an hour, the post amassed close to 30,000 likes and fans bombarded the 29-year-old model with questions related to the meal.

“Do you clean your plate real? Do you not eat anything 24 hours before you ate this meal?” one person asked. “You ate that stuff? I do not believe it,” another one wrote. Another commentator said that Martha completely ended the stereotype of models by eating the burger. And while most of the comments had a surprising tone to them, one person criticized the model for posting the picture.

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yes i ate this lol

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“But like why did this [picture] need to be public? You’re alive and healthy — eat what you want! Idk, but this kinda is infuriating: it seems to be saying, ‘I’m not allowed to eat this but I did! [sic],'” she said.

And though Martha indulged a bit, there is no doubt in believing that the once-in-a-while meal won’t make a big difference to her because she performs strenuous exercises every day and eats very healthy. According to an earlier report by the Inquisitr, Martha revealed that she exercises with her trainer, who gives her the best tips to maintain healthy body weight.

“I really like how trainers challenge you and push you in ways that you wouldn’t normally push yourself. What I’ve found to be most beneficial for me right now is always switching it up,” she said.

“My trainer will give me a new exercise every time that challenges my body and tricks my mind into having to connect to my body. I find the best results when my brain and my body connect, and both are challenged.”