Colton Underwood Defends Kaitlyn Bristowe’s ‘Dumb’ Joke About His Lack Of Sex Life On ‘The Bachelor’ Premiere

Rick RowellABC

Colton Underwood says it’s all good between him and Kaitlyn Bristowe, one of the many Bachelor alums who co-hosted his premiere of the ABC dating show. The 26-year-old virgin football player revealed that he gave Bristowe permission to burn him with a pretty bad joke as she co-hosted a live premiere party in Dallas on Monday night.

During The Bachelor Season 23 premiere, Bristowe and former Bachelor contestant Alexis Waters joked about how dolphins are the only mammals other than humans that enjoy sex for pleasure, then segued into what seemed to be a mean-spirited dig about Colton Underwood’s virginity.

“Dolphins are the only mammals besides humans that enjoy sex for pleasure, unlike Colton,” Bristowe cracked.

Later, some fans slammed Kaitlyn Bristowe for her “dumb” joke about Colton Underwood’s virginity and accused her of shaming him.

“Kaitlyn saying did you know dolphins enjoy sex unlike Colton is so obnoxious,” one follower tweeted. “No one gives Tim Tebow crap about being a virgin. Stop it already! It’s insulting and rude!”

“Wawww great way to virgin shame @kaitlynbristowe with ur dumb dolphin joke. Like WTH,” another Bachelor fan wrote, to which Bristowe replied, “I asked Colton if it was ok.”

Underwood later responded to the tweet in defense of Bristowe, writing, “True.” The Bachelor star capped off his tweet with a peace sign and heart emoji. You can see the tweet below.

Colton Underwood also tweeted that he knows “the virginity thing” was overplayed in The Bachelor premiere.


“Hang in there! You will find out other things about me, I promise,” he wrote.

Kaitlyn Bristowe, who recently ended her relationship with her Bachelorette fiance Shawn Booth, had some advice for Underwood before his season began. At the time, Bristowe expressed concerns over Colton Underwood’s casting as ABC’s leading man, telling Us Weekly that she thought The Bachelor star, who previously looked for love on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, was “hard to read” and didn’t really know what he was looking for.

“I think he’s the kind of guy that keeps thinking he’s supposed to be this certain guy and he’s supposed to go for this kind of girl and he’s supposed to do this because he was an athlete,” Bristowe told Us of Underwood. “And I think he should just learn how to follow his heart a little better because I think it hasn’t led him in the right direction before. [He should] just trust his gut and trust his heart. I can’t read Colton, so I’m like, I don’t know what kind of girl would be good for him because I don’t know what he wants and I don’t think he knows what he wants.”

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.