‘Sports Illustrated’s’ Haley Kalil Wears Nothing But A Plunging Black Leotard And A Come-Hither Smile

Gregg DeGuire Getty Images

Sports Illustrated model Haley Kalil posted a provocative image of herself on social media recently. The redhead donned a low-cut black leotard which showed off her generous cleavage and emphasized her long, toned legs.

The Instagram image is a composite of two photos of Kalil in the same outfit — but in two completely different poses. The larger image shows a sultry Haley wearing a come-hither smile, with her hands resting between her legs. She tossed her hair to cascade over one shoulder, while staring intently at the camera with her bedroom eyes. One might almost call the pose her Sports Illustrated look.

The smaller picture shows off her beauty pageant personality. The former Miss Minnesota wore a blazing smile as she sat on the table in a half-profile shot. Although her hair still cascades over her right shoulder, this time it also frames her pretty face. The smaller image shows off her slender legs and toned calves as she dangles them from the table.

The bikini model captioned the photo, “I don’t know what to write for a caption because I’m so mad that the Bears missed that field goal.” Haley is wife to Matt Kalil, the Carolina Panthers football player, and the sport has obviously rubbed off on her. According to AL,“The Eagles squeezed past the Bears when Chicago place-kicker Cody Parkey hit the left upright on a 43-yard field-goal attempt with three seconds to play.”

However, her 143,000 fans offered her words of encouragement and support as she licked her wounds after the Bears’ shocking loss. In the 15 hours since Kalil first posted the image, it has garnered over 10,000 likes. Many fans also posted their comments on the picture, praising Kalil’s looks, while others sympathized with her team losing in the final moments of the game.

One fan noticed how she manages to change the tone of the image by changing her expression, saying “It’s all about the expression, the smile.”


Another fan thoughtfully suggested another possible caption, “It’s more fun to score a touchdown with two beauties than misd [sic] afield [sic] goal.”

One fan noted that Kalil’s cleavage appears to be more bountiful as of late, and wanted to know if she had gotten implants. Kalil actually responded to the question.

“Girl, it’s all about that arm placement!! I was pressing the ladies together. It’s all smoke and mirrors.”

One of Kalil’s most notable features is not her amazing body — or even her signature red hair. It’s the time she takes to converse with her followers, which in this era of instant fame is a very rare trait indeed.