Rihanna Pops Cleavage In Tiny Pink Bra, Rocks Red Velvet Gloves For Seductive Valentine’s Day Snapshot

Jacopo RauleGetty Images

One of the most popular pop-stars on the planet, Rihanna is a woman of many prominent abilities. As beautiful as she is talented, the singer, model, actress, and entrepreneur recently wowed her fans with a sexy and seductive snapshot in honor of upcoming Valentine’s Day.

In her most recent Instagram share, Rihanna can be seen emerging from behind a curtain, clad in nothing but a scanty pink bra — one which is adorned with hearts and stars — as well as long red gloves in a velvet finish. An elaborate black tattoo can be seen on her flawless skin, just below her left breast. A hair accessory, also in a matching crimson hue, is hinted at by the top border of the photographic frame.

Playing with the intricacies of light and shadow, Rihanna uses the folds of the curtain to cast a slight shadow across her face and chest at an irregular angle, adding another sensual layer to the proceedings. With her eyes closed — complimenting her long, dark eyelashes — and her lips parted in a breathy pout, the “Don’t Stop the Music” singer shows herself to be a master at conjuring a coy yet mature sex appeal. Her iconic dark locks are styled in wavy curls, framing her face to fall about her neck and shoulders.

With the caption attending the provocative photo serving as an advertisement for Rihanna’s beauty and fashion line Savage X Fenty — in particular for their upcoming Valentine’s Day styles — it appears that the impromptu marketing campaign was a smashing success. Over 1.5 million users offered up a like to Rihanna’s glamour shot, and over 10,000 Instagram users took the time to pen a comment in the appropriate section.


One user wrote, “I’m done wayyyy too pretty to handle,” while another Instagram fan asked, “Can we get an album for Valentine’s?”

In fact, many of the comments left on the picture asked the very same question, with some users criticizing the fashion mogul for — in their opinion — focusing too much on her business pursuits rather than her musical production. Those same critics may not have to wait too long to have their queries answered, however. According to Vulture, Rihanna has confirmed that she’s going to drop an album at some point this year, although the effort is currently untitled.

Furthermore, there are reports of not just one album release, but two. The first is rumored to be a reggae-inspired album, and the second is said to follow her more traditional path of pop-laden musical compositions. No matter what Rihanna does, she has proven that she knows what it takes to be a long-lasting success. Fans of her music — and of her cosmetics line — can well attest to that.