Wrestler Priscilla Kelly Does Shocking Spot With Feminine Product, Wrestling Personalities React


Years ago, WWE changed its product to be more family-oriented and changed from the “Attitude Era” to one that was more PG. Numerous independent promotions still try to accomplish the shock and awe that will get them noticed, but do some go too far? Priscilla Kelly, who appeared in this year’s Mae Young Classic, pulled off a spot back in December that was so shocking that it actually included a used feminine product.

The spot happened back in December at an event for Suburban Fight which had Priscilla Kelly battle her opponent out to the floor. With her opponent sitting in a chair, Kelly reached into her tights and pulled out what appeared to be a used feminine product and she shoved it into the mouth of her opponent.

A Twitter user named Adam Ramirez was at the event and right up in front when the spot took place. If you want to see the spot, you can click this link, but be warned that it could be considered Not Safe For Work (NSFW.)

While the spot happened about a week ago, it is really just starting to make the rounds on social media. With all of the attention it is getting, both positive and negative, Priscilla Kelly decided to speak out against those who are chastising her for it.

With the shocking spot gaining more attention, a number of wrestling personalities from all around the globe began commenting on it. One of the first that said something was current Impact Wrestling and former WWE superstar Gail Kim.

It may be needless to say, but she was not happy with the spot by Priscilla Kelly and held nothing back in her reaction.

Jim Ross retweeted the video that was posted on Twitter and didn’t have much more to say other than “Embarrassing….” Tessa Blanchard also retweeted the video and simply said, “I am actually disgusted with this.”

Shane “Hurricane” Helms added a bit of humor to the situation by wondering if it was a “First Blood Match.” Tommy Dreamer approved of the spot and compared it to Mick Foley’s Mr. Socko while also proclaiming that Priscilla Kelly was truly “HARDCORE.”

Priscilla Kelly enters the ring for the Mae Young Classic
Featured image credit: WWE

WWE writer and producer Brian James, aka Road Dogg, responded to the tweet of Hurricane Helms and said that spots like this hurt the wrestling business.

Independent wrestler Joey Ryan responded to Road Dogg asking if he would say the same about Mae Young? Longtime WWE fans will remember that Mae Young once “gave birth” to a hand on an episode of Monday Night Raw many years ago.

Priscilla Kelly is only 21-years-old and she’s been wrestling for almost four years now. Obviously, she has done enough to get noticed by the likes of WWE and that was why she was invited to take part in the Mae Young Classic. Now, she is getting attention for the shocking spot involving a feminine product, but is really the kind of spotlight any wrestler wants?

Kelly is defending her actions and sees nothing wrong with them while the rest of the wrestling world seems split down the middle.