Instagram Model Julianne Kissinger Flaunts Bare Backside In G-String

Julianne KissingerInstagram

Instagram model Julianne Kissinger, better known as Juli Annee on the social media platform, is showing some major skin to kick off the New Year.

On Saturday, Julianne Kissinger posted an extremely racy photo to her Instagram account, under the name Juli.Annee. The model is seen with her entire backside on full display in the risque picture, which garnered over 180,000 likes from her 4.9 million followers.

In the sexy snapshot, Julianne is seen lying on her belly while lounging on her bed. The model rests her head in her hand as she stares off, seemingly daydreaming about something.

Kissinger wears a flowing black top and leaves little to the imagination when it comes to her curvy backside. Julianne dons a skimpy g-string thong, that doesn’t cover much, as her bare posterior is out for the world to see.

The model has her caramel-colored hair parted to the side and wears it in long, flowing locks that fall all around her as she rests on the bed. She also dons a full face of makeup, which includes dark eyebrows, and very dark, thick eyelashes. She wears a light pink color on her lips and sports red polish on her fingernails.

Julianne Kissinger’s website reveals that she considers herself a model and a social media personality. She was born in California and currently lives in San Diego.

The model even reveals that her measurements are 32-23-33 and that she is of Portuguese and German nationality. The 25-year-old also has a young daughter, whom she sometimes showcases on social media.


According to the website Live Ramp Up, Kissinger was a teenage mother, who has raised her daughter by herself due to her absentee ex-boyfriend.

Juli previously attended Palomar College and also used to work as a full-time manager of a frozen yogurt shop. In the past, she has explained that after having her daughter, Kyli, that she used to stay home from outings and parties — that other young adults her age were attending — in order to be close to her little girl and perform her parental duties.

However, things have certainly changed for Kissinger, who has since started a modeling career and amassed millions of followers on social media. She’s now working with brands and advertisers as she models and promotes their products, and is likely making more than she used to at the frozen yogurt shop where she used to work.

Fans can see more of Julianne Kissinger by following her on Instagram.