January 1, 2019
Olivia Culpo, Danny Amendola Reunite For New Year's Eve It Seems, Details 'TMZ'

Superstar couple Olivia Culpo and Danny Amendola split last November after allegations that he had cheated on her, but all signs point toward the two spending New Year's Eve together. Neither Olivia nor Danny has expressly revealed that they are giving their relationship another go, but fans certainly noticed that the Sports Illustrated model and Miami Dolphins pro football player appeared to be in the same place at the same time watching fireworks as 2019 began.

TMZ noted that both Olivia Culpo and Danny Amendola shared short videos of fireworks via their Instagram Stories during New Year's Eve. Of course, fireworks can seem relatively generic from one display to the next. However, in both clips, the fireworks light things up enough in a brief moment here and there that the shoreline of the beach where each is at can be seen, and it's definitely the same spot.

Heading into New Year's Eve, Culpo teased via her Insta Stories that she was on a plane heading somewhere and she teased that fans should try to guess where. In her last clip, someone can be seen sitting next to her, and it would appear to be a man. Unfortunately, Olivia doesn't share enough to see more than his arm.

Amendola's Insta Stories shared that he was at a beachside party, but again, he was careful not to reveal exactly who he was partying with for the evening. While it is probably too soon to say the two are fully reunited, at least without some additional teasers, it certainly would appear that they were socializing together and on friendlier terms again.

The Daily Mail shows a side-by-side comparison of screenshots from both Olivia and Danny's Instagram Stories. The side-by-side makes it clear that the two were definitely in the same place as they were videotaping the fireworks displays. It certainly seems unlikely that the two both shared virtually the same video without coordinating it and their fans will be going wild over the idea that Culpo and Amendola are together again.

Fans had seen that Culpo had been spending time prior to New Year's Eve with some besties on some yachts in Miami, and then Monday morning her flight did appear to be a short one rather than a longer, traditional commercial flight. Given that Amendola plays for the Miami Dolphins, it's not a stretch to think her flight was to connect with him wherever he was.

Should Olivia Culpo and Danny Amendola give their relationship another shot? Are the Sports Illustrated model and NFL pro destined to be together? Fans will be quite curious to see what comes next on this front.