Bodybuilder Tattoos Penis By Wrapping It Around A Rolling Pin To Complete Full Ink Body Suit

“There was quite a bit of blood and it was uncomfortable to walk the next day.”

On Christmas Eve, a 61-year-old bodybuilder finally completed his two-year journey to cover his body in tattoos. Ray Houghton, who hails from Manchester, England, wrapped his penis around a rolling pin to have the final tattoo of his ink body suit completed. That tattoo artist also inked the gym owner’s testicles, per New York Post.

Houghton, who had the tattoo inked in his gym in Alicante, Spain, said that his usual tattoo artist would not ink his private parts. The father-of-one spent three months trying to find a tattooist who was willing to work on such a sensitive area.

“We used a rolling pin because that was the easiest way for the tattoo to be done. You can’t just do it on a bench or worktop.”

“It was quite weird at first but it made a lot of sense. It worked out perfect really.”

Now that the area has been tattooed, Houghton says that he feels complete and “20 years younger.”

Although the body builder claimed that he doesn’t feel pain, the tattoo procedure left Houghton uncomfortable. The inking session took a staggering four hours while the tattooist covered his nether regions in ink. He reported that his testicles swelled up to four times their usual size after they were inked.

Houghton’s full body suit tattoo journey began when he tried to cover up eight tattoos that he had acquired during a stint in the army. Although Houghton is a personal trainer at his gym, he was reluctant to show off his muscles because of his ageing skin and the embarrassing old tattoos on his arms and legs. The old tattoos included a boat, a naked woman, the words “mum” and “dad,” and a geisha, which he felt ashamed to show off.

He now boasts a Maori-inspired tattoo on every single part of his body. Better yet, the new tattoos covered up his age spots and scars, boosting the bodybuilder’s confidence.

“But now I am proud to go along to the nudist beach. People tell me they can’t believe how good I look for my age.”

Houghton has a toned, muscular body thanks to his gym lifestyle, but he noticed that as he aged, people stopped complimenting him on his body. He says that he feels like a celebrity now that people are approaching him again to compliment him on his physique.

The tattoos have cost him £7,500 — approximately $9500 USD — and more than 240 hours of his time.

Houghton returned to work two days after his penis was tattooed. He confirmed that his private parts have made a full recovery.