Constance Nunes Shows Some Skin While Wrenching In The Garage


Constance Nunes is showing off her good looks as well as her mechanic skills in her latest social media photo.

On Wednesday, Dec. 12, Constance Nunes shared a sexy photo of herself smiling for the camera and working on a classic car to Instagram, and her fans were loving it.

In the snapshot, Nunes is seen sitting on the floor of a garage wearing a pair of distressed jeans with holes in them. She also dons a black tank top, which shows off a bit of skin, as well as her toned arms and shoulders.

Constance has her long, dark hair pulled back into a ponytail for the photo, and wears minimal make up, which includes a bronzed glow, dark lashes, and pretty pink lips.

The Car Masters: Rust to Riches star smiles happily at the camera as she reveals she’s in a “happy place” while working on a classic car. As many fans know, Nunes is more than just a model who posts racy photos on social media. She’s also a skilled engine mechanic, who works at Gotham Garage and restores old cars.

Due to her good looks and love of working on cars, Constance has been deemed a dream girl by many of her admirers.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Constance Nunes has a love for muscle cars, and also recently restored a Mustang for herself. Earlier this week, Nunes revealed that she’s been working hard changing out the interior of the “baby stang” as she likes to call it, going from a white color to black with dark gray accents.

Meanwhile, Nunes previously revealed during an interview with Maxim that she loves guys who also love muscle cars, and that the way to her heart is by driving a classic car or dirt bike and having “questionable tattoos,” and/or rocking a Metallic T-shirt.

In addition, Constance says she’s looking for a man who will understand her weird sense of humor, and laugh right along with her.

“I like someone who laughs at the dumb s*** I say. I need someone who finds my sense of humor appealing and relatable,” Nunes stated.

She also revealed that her perfect dates include burgers, beer, and trucks.

“My perfect date would be going to see a drag race or monster truck rally. I like that kind of stuff. Something loud and fun and then follow it up with In-N-Out and beer in the bed of a truck just hanging out,” Constance Nunes told the magazine.

Fans can see more of Constance Nunes on the Netflix series Car Masters: Rust to Riches.