Bebe Rexha Shares Topless Selfie From Bed As She Takes A Moment Of Downtime Amid Crazy Schedule

Singer Bebe Rexha is working non-stop these days, and has been wowing fans at event after event in recent weeks. Rexha shares a lot with her fans via her Instagram page and many loved her latest update -- one that showed her a bit vulnerable and ready for some downtime.

Bebe Rexha seems to hardly ever stop moving, but Tuesday morning she shared a candid photo via her Instagram page showing her ready to catch some sleep. She appeared to be topless and tucked into her bed, with simple white bedding covering her chest. Rexha captioned the shot simply "Bedtime selfie."

This selfie may have been a fairly simple shot, but Rexha's fans loved it. Bebe has 6.8 million followers on the social media site and more than 70,000 of them had liked this topless bedroom shot in just an hour after it had been posted. Nearly 500 of them commented, with many people noting that she looked gorgeous, stunning, and like an angel.

It doesn't look like Rexha was going to have much downtime though. Via her Instagram Stories, Bebe shared clips showing that she was flying the friendly skies once again -- and she noted that it was her 95th flight of the year. She didn't mention where her flight was taking her, but she'll surely share updates again when she lands.

Rexha has been appearing practically everywhere in recent weeks -- and it seems even she is a bit amazed by how crazy things have gotten. She was a part of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show that taped a few weeks ago, and which aired Sunday night on ABC. Bebe shared a video of her performance to Instagram while admitting that she still can't believe it happened.

A few days ago, Bebe performed at the 2018 iHeartRadio Jingle Ball event, and she looked fabulous in the various ensembles which she wore. As the Daily Mail notes, Rexha performed in a stunning silver and white body suit. The outfit had a plunging neckline that showed off a lot of cleavage, as well as a revealing side slit showing plenty of leg.

Earlier in the evening, as Bebe walked the red carpet, she looked amazing in a one-of-a-kind blue top, blue stiletto heels, and black leggings that flaunted her midriff and gorgeous figure. Rexha's fans went wild over every photo she shared via her Instagram account -- and they love that she embraces herself for who she is, and doesn't change to please others.

As the Inquisitr recently detailed, the singer has said she's proud of her size-8 body, and she wants designers to get with the program and send her pieces that will fit her curvaceous figure. Bebe Rexha knows how to wow her fans, and she has certainly done just that with her latest Instagram posts. Whether she's topless in bed -- or walking the red carpet while flaunting her figure -- the singer looks amazing, and inspires millions of others to be happy with who they are.