See What Paris Hilton Looked Like In 8th Grade With Her Throwback Thursday Pics On Instagram

Paris wears a black dress.
Gregg DeGuire / Stringer / Getty Images

Paris Hilton took Throwback Thursday way back to her middle school years, as she posted a couple of photos from when she was in eighth grade on Instagram. The first picture showed Paris with a group of four other girls at their graduation ceremony, all wearing white gowns with caps. She was the second girl from the right, as she pursed her lips. The school buildings and some balloons could be seen in the background also.

A second photo showed Paris with just one other friend, as they both smiled widely. Fans loved the throwback photos, as many commented on how cute Hilton looked when she was younger. One follower noted, “signature golden hair forever.” Someone else piped in, “you look like every boys [sic] school crush!”

Hilton has also been sharing other photos of herself, all recently using a sparkly glitter filter that gives her photos a bit of glam. Her third newest photo shows Paris sitting on top of pink furniture, as she grasped her pink, flowy robe with her arms that she held up in the air. Her lingerie bottom was somewhat visible, as she captioned the photo, “Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too…”

Perhaps one of the most important things that shot Paris into stardom was her TV show, The Simple Life. However, the persona from her show turned out to stick a lot more than maybe even she was expecting, as Refinery29 detailed the way Paris perceived her role.

“I just got stuck with that character because people don’t know me in real life or haven’t spoken to me. They assume it’s just the baby voice and you know, ‘what’s Walmart?’ and silly things. I would say that’s not really how I am, but I was just trying to be entertaining for television.”

Whatever it was, Hilton soon became well-known for her on-TV personality. But that doesn’t mean she wants to be known for just that forever.

“I think now I’ve really proven myself. With the success of my fragrances, then all my other 19 product lines, and all the big deals I’m doing, and real estate. I’m finally being taken seriously as a businesswoman and empire.”

Of course, entrepreneurship is something that runs in her family. The Hilton hotel franchise was founded by her great-grandfather, Conrad Hilton. And although Paris chose to go into the entertainment industry rather than into the hospitality industry, she’s indeed proven herself to be a business-minded woman.