Olivia Culpo Flaunts Figure As She Embraces Family Time In Wake Of Apparent Split From Danny Amendola

David BeckerGetty Images for Matter

Olivia Culpo is making it clear that she is not going to sit home alone and feel sorry for herself in the wake of a rumored split from Miami Dolphins wide receiver Danny Amendola. She is embracing time with her extended family and over the weekend, that included some fun and saucy moments.

As the Inquisitr has shared, the former Miss Universe was reportedly rocked by photos of beau Danny Amendola getting a little too cozy with someone else and the two are believed to have now ended their relationship. Olivia Culpo has posted a few things on Instagram since all of the drama emerged and it seems she is doing her best to live her best life in spite of the heartbreak she’s working through.

Over the weekend, Culpo shared a lot of updates via her Instagram Stories showing her with her extended family. As Culpo notes in her Instagram profile, she is the middle child of five and it’s a growing group with babies, spouses, and fiances in the mix.

In recent days Culpo has been snuggling with her nephew Remi along with helping Remi and his mom Aurora shop for a wedding dress. Olivia’s sister Aurora is slated to marry Remi’s dad, former Survivor: Micronesia contestant Mikey Bortone. Most recently, Culpo was convinced to head out with the family and do some karaoke.

Sunday night, Culpo shared via her Insta Stories that she had been about to go to bed for the night, but somehow 20 minutes later she was at a karaoke bar. She shared clips of some of the crew singing on stage or rocking out to others singing, and eventually, Olivia took the microphone herself.

While Culpo may have been ready for bed before being convinced to head out, she certainly didn’t look it. Olivia got up on stage while wearing a white crop top and white leggings that showcased her amazing figure and taut abs. The crop top and leggings perfectly highlighted all of the model’s curves and she had her hair pulled back into a ponytail.

It looks like spending all of this time with her family is doing Olivia a world of good. She belted out a ballad as she took the stage and looked amazing, and as the Daily Mail notes, she’s got plenty of projects in the works to help keep her distracted from her apparent split from Amendola.

Culpo has been working on a movie called The Swing of Things, and Olivia is said to be in pre-production for a drama titled Tired Lungs. That’s in addition to gigs she has been doing, like the one in Australia she was at when the photos of Amendola emerged.

Is it really over between Olivia Culpo and Danny Amendola for good this time? Who will catch the model’s eye next if she is single at the moment? She looks like she is doing her best to forge forward and her family is right there to help her every step of the way.