Right-Wing Twitter Troll Jacob Wohl Tried To Take On Chrissy Teigen, And He Got Absolutely Scorched For It

Tara ZiembaGetty Images

Jacob Wohl may have gotten a bit too big for his britches when it comes to taking on a Twitter institution like Chrissy Teigen.

Fresh off the embarrassment of his bizarre sexual assault allegations against Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and a press conference where reporters openly laughed at him and his counterpart had his fly down the entire time, the 20-year-old famous for trolling on Twitter turned to his next target: Chrissy Teigen.

The Sports Illustrated model and wife of singer John Legend is beloved on Twitter, to the point that her daily musings and updates of what the family is having for dinner are noteworthy to her legions of followers. This week, she asked someone to give her a rundown of what’s happened with the Jacob Wohl situation.

He attempted an answer.

“I became more famous than you,” he replied. “That’s what happened.”

Wohl then posted an image of a Google Trends comparison showing that searches for his name shot up this week, while searches for Chrissy Teigen remained steady.

Chrissy set him straight.

“This is literally just a graph proving people had to google your dumba** to figure out who you are,” she replied.

The legions of people who follow and re-tweet Chrissy joined in mocking the 20-year-old as well, pointing out that he didn’t seem to understand how Google Trend graphs worked and that it didn’t show he was more popular, just that he saw a higher volume of searches compared to where he usually stands.

While Jacob Wohl may have had a bit of notoriety on Twitter prior to this week, the former teenage hedge fund manager, who, as Yahoo! reported, faced security fraud charges before he even turned 20, shot to national fame this week when it was revealed he was behind a woman allegedly accusing Special Counsel Robert Mueller of rape.

After women reached out to reporters late last month claiming they had been offered money to make fake rape allegations against Mueller, those reporters tracked an apparently fake intelligence gathering company back to Wohl. He denied any involvement, but the phone number listed on the site forwarded to Wohl’s mother.

Undeterred, Wohl promised to hold a press conference with the accuser on Thursday, but she didn’t show up. Instead, reporters grilled Wohl and fellow pro-Trump operative Jack Burkman, who had his fly down the entirety of the press conference. They spoke over each other, contradicted each other, and couldn’t even seem to agree on how the alleged victim’s name was spelled.

As the Daily Beast pointed out, most of the allegations made seemed to crumble under even basic questions from reporters.

And the day went from bad to worse for Jacob Wohl. Shortly after his press conference, the pro-Trump website, The Gateway Pundit, which has been known to peddle a number incorrect stories including identifying the wrong suspect in the Charlottesville protest killing and claims that the Parkland shooting victims were crisis actors, ended its relationship with Wohl as a correspondent.