‘Flipping Out’ Drama: Massive Fight Splits Jeff Lewis And Jenni Pulos, Relationship Reportedly Unrepairable

Slaven VlasicGetty Images

Bravo viewers have watched Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos work as a strong team together on Flipping Out for years now, but reports have emerged detailing that things have gone south in this relationship. A new season is about to debut, but it sounds as if a big fight between Lewis and Pulos has led to a break in their relationship that seemingly cannot be repaired.

People reports that Jenni Pulos left Jeff Lewis Design a few months ago. While Jenni and Jeff had been friends for many years, and their fans loved watching what was usually playful bickering between them, things seemingly took a turn a while back. Apparently, the emotional split with Pulos leaving Lewis’ company will be shown during the upcoming season of Flipping Out.

So far, it looks like nobody involved has shared an official comment on this. While Jenni and Jeff had been friends for two decades, a combination of factors reportedly led to a big, explosive fight. Sources say that Pulos felt that she wasn’t being given room to advance within the company, and an insider describes her as feeling “entitled” to more than Jeff was able to provide.

In addition, Jeff apparently came to feel that Jenni wasn’t as invested in the company’s success as he was and he lost patience with her. Ultimately, the Flipping Out stars are said to have had a confrontation that was difficult for others around to see play out, and things ended in such a way that there is no coming back from it.

During this apparent fight, it sounds as if both Jeff and Jenni lashed out and said things that cannot be smoothed over. While Lewis and Pulos have worked through tough times together before, insiders say that their relationship is over for good now. They apparently have not spoken since their friendship broke apart several months ago.

What does that mean for Bravo’s Flipping Out? Jenni has been a part of the show since it began in 2007 and she’s currently an executive producer alongside Jeff. However, sources say that they’ll surely never film together again, and it seems likely that she’ll rarely, if ever, appear in future episodes.

Pulos has been promoting the upcoming season of Flipping Out via her Twitter page. However, she hasn’t said anything about problems in her relationship with Lewis.

Jeff has tweeted about the upcoming season some, but his tweets lately have been about his SiriusXM radio show. A number of fans had noticed in recent broadcasts that Jenni never seemed to pop up on the show anymore, whereas she used to join in relatively frequently.

Season 11 of Flipping Out premieres on Bravo on September 11. The preview shows Jenni Pulos popping up quite a bit in the shows ahead, so it may be that this fallout with Jeff Lewis came toward the end of filming these upcoming episodes. Fans will surely be sad to see these two end their friendship after all these years if the reports are true, and everybody will be anxious to see it all play out this fall.