The Top 5 Sexiest Labor Day Weekend Bikini Takeover Photos On Instagram

Inquisitr Staff

Each year, the Labor Day weekend bikini takeover is one of the sexiest events on Instagram. The platform begins filling up with party pictures from the long weekend, final trips to the beach for the season, and plenty of sexy bikini photos to help mark the end of summer. The bikini takeover started over a decade ago on Twitter as a marketing move but found a home on Instagram where many of the internet's sexiest bikini pictures reside.

This year has been no exception to the trend of one of the sexiest ways to mark the end of summer. Mixed in with the many advertisers trying to get a little traction for their end of the season sales, the ladies, and several men, of Instagram have donned their sexiest bikinis to jump on the takeover weekend bandwagon and say goodbye to the summer in the sexiest way possible.

Comedienne Iliza Schlesinger gets the party started with a stunning photo that has attracted plenty of attention. With her latest Netflix special, Elder Millennial, turning in strong ratings and excellent reviews, Schlesinger managed to take a little time to enjoy the long weekend with her new hubby before heading back out on the road for the remainder of her comedy club tour.