The Top 5 Sexiest Labor Day Weekend Bikini Takeover Photos On Instagram

Each year, the Labor Day weekend bikini takeover is one of the sexiest events on Instagram. The platform begins filling up with party pictures from the long weekend, final trips to the beach for the season, and plenty of sexy bikini photos to help mark the end of summer. The bikini takeover started over a decade ago on Twitter as a marketing move but found a home on Instagram where many of the internet’s sexiest bikini pictures reside.

This year has been no exception to the trend of one of the sexiest ways to mark the end of summer. Mixed in with the many advertisers trying to get a little traction for their end of the season sales, the ladies, and several men, of Instagram have donned their sexiest bikinis to jump on the takeover weekend bandwagon and say goodbye to the summer in the sexiest way possible.

Comedienne Iliza Schlesinger gets the party started with a stunning photo that has attracted plenty of attention. With her latest Netflix special, Elder Millennial, turning in strong ratings and excellent reviews, Schlesinger managed to take a little time to enjoy the long weekend with her new hubby before heading back out on the road for the remainder of her comedy club tour.

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“And then your grandpa commented ‘stunning’ from his private profile and I knew, right then, that that was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Oh, other suitors tried with unique poetry such as “funny and beautiful, what a combo” swapping out ‘you’re’ for ‘your’ and various vegetable/rain emojis. The ones that always flattered me the most where men from other countries who would DM “hello miss” and then gibberish in 4 separate messages, hoping to get my attention, then forget they wrote to me a year ago and then DM me again saying “hello ❤️”, as if there wasn’t a digital record of their attempts. I think what tugged at my heart strings the most though were all the people who were angered by me daring to be proud of my body because screaming into this digital void is their only shot at, maybe, someone else ever hearing their pain. A pain brought on by knowing theirs is an inadequate existence, fraught with failure, self loathing and jealousy of anyone who deigned to strive. Not to be outdone by the men who gave me sexual compliments, in an effort to prove they ‘still got it’ while proudly displaying an avatar of their wife and children. Can’t a girl just be happy with her body and be happy to be at a beach?” Love, Nana

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Daria Kolodziej is making the most of this last day of the long weekend by spending some time down by the pool taking in some of those final rays of summer sun to keep that sun-kissed look as long as possible. Striking the perfect pose for an aerial shot, she puts together one of the sexiest photos of the bikini takeover. Her followers hope more is to come when she heads back to the beach later today.

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Angela Asiana used the takeover weekend to promote her upcoming end of summer party, and even though that invitation to it hasn’t arrived yet, when you say so long to the summer looking this sexy, it can be overlooked. Her stunning bikini hugs her in all the right ways, and her anklet pops against her tan skin and the calm blue ocean in the background. Taken together, it is a breathtaking way to mark the end of the season.

Kerry is taking poolside pretty to the next level with her photos from Las Vegas. She looks amazing in that painted on bikini and has some amazing ink to show off as well. Top it off with those long legs and a disarming smile, and all the makings of a truly sexy bikini takeover photo are present.

Rounding out the top 5 sexiest Labor Day weekend bikini takeover Instagram photos is singer Giusy Ferrigno. Spending some time in Italy, the vocalist has managed to hit the beach and look fabulous doing it in a black and pink bikini that is perfect for her body and complexion. She embodies the essence of her favorite musician’s hit “Foxey Lady” to a tee. Thanks to everyone making the end of summer look so good.

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Paradise found????☀️????

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