Vanessa Trump Wishes Estranged Husband Donald Trump Jr. A Happy Father’s Day In Sweet Twitter Post

mpi34 /MediaPunch/IPX

Donald Trump Jr. and Vanessa Trump may no longer be happily married to one another, but it looks like they are working hard to stay on decent terms for the sake of their children. Don Jr. has moved on and is in a relationship with Kimberly Guilfoyle of Fox News now, while Vanessa has stayed mum on whether or not there’s anything romantic developing in her personal life. Over the weekend, the estranged spouses set everything else aside as she wished him a happy Father’s Day and the family celebrated their little girl’s birthday.

Vanessa Trump took to Twitter Sunday afternoon to wish her estranged husband a happy Father’s Day. She shared a picture of Donald Trump Jr. with their five children and she said she hoped he had an incredible day with their kids. While there were some people on Twitter who replied to the post with negative notes, many of Vanessa’s fans praised her and her ex for their committed co-parenting and their determination to put their children first despite their differences.

Don Jr. retweeted Vanessa’s post, and he shared a post of his own via his social media pages. The initial photo that Trump posted on his Instagram page was an adorable picture showing him with his five children at the Trump National Golf Club in New York.

President Trump’s son noted that it all started out great, but Don Jr. noted that soon enough, things changed. He shared additional photos showing much of the group play-wrestling but said that he had a great Father’s Day.

“It started off all nice and friendly then the bottom fell out!!! Only my little monsters will turn a great fam pic into a wrestling match.”

The president’s son also shared a post on Father’s Day to honor his dad. Don Jr. put a picture up on Instagram from a rally in Georgia they attended during the 2016 presidential campaign. Don Jr. called his dad the “best #potus & dad ever,” noting that they love him.

Not only did the Trump family celebrate Father’s Day over the weekend, but they had a birthday to celebrate as well. Don Jr. and Vanessa’s youngest daughter Chloe turned four years old and both Trump parents tweeted out some photos from the family event.

It seems quite clear that the marriage between Vanessa Trump and Donald Trump Jr. is over for good, but they are making a concerted effort to put forth a united front for their five children. She isn’t nearly as prominent on social media as he is, but it has not gone unnoticed that she’s made sure to recognize her estranged husband on days like Father’s Day and people feel sure she’ll continue to do that in the days ahead.