Maria Christopher: Sexy Game Led To Murder Of Norfolk Gal By Shawn Terrell Greer

By 2015, Shawn Terrell Greer was a loving father who was living a normal life. But on tomorrow’s Fatal Attraction, you’ll learn about the man known as Shawn Greer who was once a killer. Authorities say that 14 years ago, Shawn Greer killed Maria Christopher, his on-again-off-again lover in Norfolk, Virginia, during Hurricane Isabel. According to him, they were playing a sexy game of Russian roulette. The Fatal Attraction episode this week is called “Secrets In The Garden.” Police will give commentary about the former cold case.

On Fatal Attraction: Hurricane Isabel Helped Killer Cover Up Murder Of Lover

During Hurricane Isabel, a Chesapeake mother was wondering why her beautiful daughter hadn’t returned home that night. According to the Pilot Online, 21-year-old Maria Christopher was found dead in a burned-out car found between Shell Road and Gruen on Jarvis Street, close to S. Military Highway. Investigators were called to the scene after a neighbor noticed smoke in the area. When detectives arrived, they found the car smoldering, and inside the trunk was the body of Maria C. Christopher.

Right away detectives knew it was a murder. But there were no suspects. And it was determined that Maria C. Christopher, a 2000 graduate of Western Branch High School, had been shot in the back of the head. But how and why wouldn’t be known for more than a decade.

The cold case baffled detectives. It seemed that no one had seen or heard anything on the night of September 18, 2003. That day, Hurricane Isabel unleashed a torrential down-pouring of rain, which wiped out the electricity in many households.

It was the perfect opportunity to commit a murder since everyone was preoccupied with the storm.

Cold Case Warms Up

But new life was breathed into the case after fresh-eyed detectives decided to re-open it in 2014. Interviews with possible witnesses, and with those who knew Maria Christopher personally, sent police in a new direction, WBTV reported.

That direction was North Carolina, where a then 39-year-old Shawn Terrell Greer lived with his wife and baby. The family man was known as a guy who would help anyone out when they needed it.

But none of that stopped him from being arrested by U.S. Marshals, who charged him with murder. Shawn Greer was eventually given a sentence of 16 years in prison.

What Really Happened To Moroccan Beauty Maria Christopher That Stormy Night?

Prosecutors allege that Maria Christopher, originally from Morocco, was in a hot and heavy relationship with Shawn Greer, a relationship that he took rather casually. To him, it was mostly sex, which they had plenty of in the back of that old record store and studio, where he worked on Shore Drive.

Maria Christopher was known to go to the store to see him after closing time. But on September 18, 2003, instead of steaming up the room with passion, Shawn Greer bloodied it up by shooting Maria in the head. According to Greer, it was all an accident. The shooting occurred just as Maria Christopher was listening to some sensual music while they were playing a game. Others speculate that something happened between them that night, possibly a fight that escalated to murder.

A Few More Important Points

  • Maria Christopher and Shawn Greer had a rocky relationship.
  • The murder occurred at the now defunct Hot Buttaz Cd’s and Tapes.
  • Maria Christopher was absolutely gorgeous. A picture of her can be seen here at the Pilot Online.

Prosecutors stated that after he killed Christopher, he made phone calls for help moving the body. At least one person arrived at the store, where they saw Maria Christopher dead on the floor. The case is somewhat reminiscent of the murder of Debbie Flores Narvaez, a sexy dancer whose off-and-on relationship with her lover, Blu Griffith, led to her dismemberment death. Debbie Flores Narvaez’ story, which was made into a Lifetime movie, also aired on an episode of Fatal Attraction.

The story of Maria Christopher and Shawn Greer airs on Fatal Attraction this Monday night at 10/9 p.m. Central on TV One. Below you’ll find the video Sex Gamez by killer Blu Griffith and his dancing but now dead beauty, Debbie Flores Narvaez.

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