Sex Robot Theme Parks In Development Will Be 'Better Than An Adult Disney World'

Artificial intelligence and robotic engineering technologies have been advancing rapidly in the past few years, and as with many new and exciting technologies, the sex industry is leading the charge in terms of implementing the coming wave of consumer-oriented robots. To be more specific, there are already plans to use the convincing sex robots as the main attractions at large x-rated amusement parks around the world.

Daily Star recently published an exclusive report looking at the sex robot theme parks, which are already being touted as "better than an adult Disney World." Apparently, adventurous and affluent entrepreneurs all over the world are already investing in the parks, which are set to be opened in global sex tourism hotspots like Amsterdam, Las Vegas, and Bangkok as soon as the technology is available.

Men and women partying on a trashed street
Where Disneyland has Main Street USA, it seems more likely these sex robot theme parks will have a sort of futuristic red light district playing host to throngs of partying singles or adventurous couples. [Image by Mario Tama/Getty Images]

Futurologist and author Ian Yeoman notes that the parks will be reminiscent of the one depicted in the show Westworld, places where tourists can pay big bucks to enter and have their fantasies acted out by very human-like robots. The fictional Westworld treats park-goers to Western-themed adventures, but the escapades going down at these parks would be decidedly more risque in nature.

"A sex robot Westworld-style theme park means perfection, fantasy, no STD's and not feeling guilty of being unfaithful to your partner," comments Yeoman.

"There will be perfect sex all the time as robots will be reprogrammed to serve and improve."
Yeoman says that the parks will be extremely upscale and exclusive, but also very expensive. He even compares it to "an up-market brothel."

Of course, with a high entrance fee would come absolutely top-of-the-line service.

"A sex android will have all the technological advancement required to be human, both emotionally and physically," adds Yeoman.

Implementation of top-notch artificial skin, voice and face recognition, gestural interfaces and A.I. will make the sex robots at the parks virtually indistinguishable from humans apart from the ceaseless "the customer is always right" attitude. Yeoman says the robots will even "have a pulse" and other lifelike functions to make park visitors feel they are enjoying a true "emotional connection" before retreating to the park's midway for some genital-shaped concessions.

This all might seem initially like the stuff of science fiction -- sure, these sex robot theme parks will happen eventually, but isn't the technology to make them a reality still far in the future?

Actually, it is much closer than you might think. Digital Trends reports that sex doll manufacturer Realdoll is releasing the first publicly available sex AI on April 15 this year. The actual robot to go with the AI is supposed to be released piece-by-piece over the next year or two. Sort of an odd concept, but sex robots are a brave new frontier that might take some getting used to.

The Realdoll robot, while realistic, will not be cost-feasible for most people -- just the robotic heads being released at the end of this year will cost $10,000. But if a sex robot theme park could buy a fleet of robots and collect continually from entrance fees, though, it might be an opportunity to make tons of cash.

Well-to-do tycoons realize this, and they are building these parks in anticipation of the cutting-edge money-makers that will fill them in a few years.

Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand
Sex tourism is already a huge industry in many big cities around the world. [Image by Gionixxx/iStock]

The parks sound like they would be very popular among many single men and women, but they raise the question of whether sex with a robot would be considered unfaithful for people in a committed relationship. It is just one of the many ethical questions that will be raised by the upcoming robot and VR sex revolution, and the answer may have a big impact on the success or failure of sex robot theme parks.

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[Featured image by Ysbrandcosijn/iStock]