One Direction News: Louis Tomlinson Pic With Lunch Money May Be A Music Hint

One Direction news is something that fans check often in the form of updates from 1D’s official accounts on Instagram, but the real news in 2017 about One Direction members like Louis Tomlinson is often from the fans themselves.

Louis Tomlinson has especially been a focus for One Direction fans over the beginning of 2017 because of the death of his mother.

Louis Tomlinson has also been interesting to One Direction fans in 2017 because he is rumored to have recently broken up with his longtime girlfriend, Danielle Campbell.

Regardless, as Music News pointed out around January 20, the breakup rumors about Louis Tomlinson and Danielle Campbell may not be based on fact because they were initially reported by an anonymous insider.

Besides the rumors, the latest One Direction updates on Instagram include a photo of Louis Tomlinson in Los Angeles around February 16.

The photo was taken by a One Direction fan, and immediately posted on social media. In the new photo, Louis Tomlinson is standing with his friend Oli Wright and a rapper known throughout the Los Angeles area named Lunch Money Lewis.

Louis Tomlinson solo music expected.

Although it is unclear what Louis Tomlinson may have been doing with Lunch Money Lewis, Daily Mail reported in April 2016 that Oli Wright is an old friend of Louis Tomlinson’s that now lives in Los Angeles. In 2016, the press went as far as saying that Oli Wright and Louis Tomlinson have been inseparable, and that seems to continue as a trend in 2017.

The fact that Louis Tomlinson might be hanging out with another musician is exciting news for One Direction fans because he allegedly almost quit music in late 2016.

According to Seventeen, the circumstances where Louis Tomlinson almost gave up music were related to when his mother Johanna Deakin died of leukemia in early December 2016.

Despite this, around January 25, Rolling Stone reported that Louis Tomlinson was working on a performance with Steve Aoki for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Potential music collaborations aside, the other evidence that has been collected by One Direction fans about Louis Tomlinson involves his ex from 2015, Eleanor Calder.

Around February 17, Daily Star reported that One Direction fans were starting to make a connection that they were not sure was real. Namely, a few weeks ago, Eleanor Calder wore a sweatshirt that depicted a specific scene from the Titanic movie.

For reasons unknown, Louis Tomlinson was pictured wearing almost the exact same sweatshirt style in Los Angeles.

Does this mean that the former couple just so happen to own a very similar sweatshirt with the almost exact same screen printing design and this is a sign, or is this all just a coincidence?

For now, One Direction fans can only theorize that Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder might be secretly more alike than expected. Nevertheless, there may be a few reasons that Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder might not be hanging out together after being broken up for a year and a half.

For example, One Direction fans witnessed Eleanor Calder barely having a chance to patch up after a breakup because Louis Tomlinson got his friend Briana Jungwirth pregnant with Freddie Reign right after the breakup.

Louis Tomlinson solo music needs to happen.

At the time of their breakup in March 2015, Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder had been together for four years after being introduced by Harry Styles in 2011. To many One Direction fans, Eleanor Calder was Louis Tomlinson’s one and only.

Around March 2015, Hollywood Life reported that, just a couple of weeks before Zayn Malik left One Direction, Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder broke up in secret. A couple of months later, before they had a chance to attempt to get back together, Louis Tomlinson got Briana Jungwirth pregnant.

The reasons that insiders told the media that Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder broke up was because One Direction toured nine months a year and they eventually grew apart.

[Featured Image by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Absolut Elyx]