Gregg Sulkin Nude Leak: Bella Thorne Defends Her Ex-Boyfriend On Twitter

Bella Thorne surely isn’t bitter when it comes to her long list of ex-boyfriends. The former Disney star doesn’t seem to mind when fans ask her about Gregg Sulkin’s or Tyler Posey’s nude photo scandal. They are just the latest in a string of actors who have had their intimate photos and videos leak online without their consent.

Thorne, 19, has been shutting down the rumors when it comes to Gregg Sulkin’s own nude photo leak. On Tuesday, Jan. 17, she took to Twitter to defend her ex-boyfriend alleged nude scandal, telling her followers that she does not recognize the male anatomy in the content.

It all started when a fan shared photos of a faceless guy showing off his abs and holding his penis, referring to them as “Gregg Sulkin’s nudes,” reports Us Weekly. The actress stood up for her former boyfriend by stating that the body doesn’t belong to him.

“Haha I’m telling you this isn’t greggs d**k,” Thorne responded.

Her response has since been met with mixed reaction. While some fans thought that it was cool for Thorne to support Sulkin, most were disgusted that she would retweet the photo of someone else’s genitalia to her over 6.5 million fans. Fans urged Thorne to delete the tweet and even shared memes and GIFs expressing their shock and disgust since they didn’t want to see it in the first place.

bella thorne supports tyler posey

Meanwhile, other fans believe that Thorne’s tweet was not a kind gesture. It would appear that the starlet is defending her former love. The tone of the tweet, however, might imply that Thorne was mocking Sulkin, 24, reports Refinery29.

“She was defending her ex. they’re saying his personal pics were leaked. She did a good deed. Don’t be bitter,” one Twitter user argued.

Thorne is often known for being open about everything and anything on social media. Earlier this week, she wrote, “Your stool says so much about you,” while including the poop emoji. Some of Thorne’s fans were disgusted by her tweet while others thought it was hilarious.

According to Hollywood Life, Sulkin’s nude photos aren’t the only types of content that have been floating around. Also circulating on Twitter was a Vine video of the person a user that claims is Sulkin masturbating. The user also claims to have even more nude photos of Thorne’s other ex-boyfriends pleasuring themselves, including one video alleging to be Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey, 25. The aspiring singer has not commented on the NSFW video of her other famous ex-boyfriend, which was posted just hours before the Twitter user shared the alleged nude photos of Sulkin.

bella thorne gregg sulkin good friends

It’s unclear how the user gained possession of this content in the first place, but she also claims to have a few nude photos of Bella as well. The account reportedly threatened Bella on Jan. 17 writing, “H** dm me or im [sic] exposing your nudes @bellathorne,” after she released a series of masturbation videos that claim to be of Tyler and Gregg.

It was just a few days ago when Thorne took to Twitter to support her ex-boyfriend, Tyler Posey, in lieu of his ongoing nude scandal. At first, she was accused of releasing his nude photos and videos. Then, fans wanted to know what Thorne thought about his nude scandal.

“All I have left to say is Tyler is an angel,” she coyly tweeted.

It looks like Bella has no bad blood with any of her ex-boyfriends. Earlier this month, as reported by Just Jared, the Famous In Love star recently revealed that she’s still on good terms with Gregg.

“Yeeeeee you know it :),” she tweeted to a fan who asked.

Thorne and Sulkin went public with their relationship in May 2015 and broke up in August 2016 due to their hectic schedules. The two have said that they are still good friends and still have plenty of love for each other.

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