Nick Viall Slept With ‘At Least Seven Girls’ From ‘Bachelor’ Franchise Before Filming His Season: Who Did Nick Have Sex With Besides Andi And Kaitlyn? [Report]

The burning question on every season of The Bachelor is always, “who got the final rose,” but the die-hard fans of ABC’s dating reality show are just as curious to find out if any of the three final girls slept with the lead in the Fantasy Suite.

But what about their involvement with other ladies from the franchise? That’s where Nick Viall comes into play. While most Bachelor stars don’t kiss and tell about their time in the Fantasy Suite, Nick Viall wasn’t shy about letting the world know that he got horizontal with Bachelorette stars Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe during the filming of their seasons.

Now that his season is underway, the fact that Nick has been a part of Bachelor Nation for so long leads to an even bigger question — which girls from the franchise did Nick sleep with before taking the gig as ABC‘s leading man? And of course, there’s the other burning question — did he have sex with his final three when the overnight dates were filmed back in November?

Nick Viall and Brittany Bachelor 2017

By now, fans are aware that Nick had sex with contestant Liz Sandoz, who admitted on camera during the Bachelor premiere that they had a one-night stand after Jade and Tanner Tolbert’s wedding reception last year. According to ABC, her “sexy secret” doesn’t stay a secret for long once she starts telling the other girls about her fling with Nick.

However, she’s not the only woman from the Bachelor franchise to get down and dirty with Nick before he started filming the 21st season of the Bachelor. Or at least that’s what blogger Reality Steve says about the 36-year-old Wisconsin native.

In a recent blog post, Steve mentioned that one of the contestants from the current season of The Bachelor rode up to greet Nick on a camel because she “heard Nick likes to hump.” Steve agreed with the contestant and went on to say that he knows of seven girls from the franchise that Nick has slept with.

In addition to Andi Dorfman, Kaitlyn Bristowe, and Liz Sandoz, Steve states that Nick has been with four more girls who have appeared on previous seasons of the Bachelor and “that’s before he goes to the Fantasy Suite with his girls this season.”

He goes on to say that when you add in the overnight dates from this season, Nick will be in the “double digits ” when it comes to having sex with girls from the Bachelor franchise.

Who are the other four girls who had a little romp with Nick before he became the star of The Bachelor? Steve doesn’t name names, but last year he hinted that one of the ladies could be Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher.

Steve stated back in a May 2016 blog post that JoJo “absolutely met up” with Nick after she filmed Ben’s season of the Bachelor. While he didn’t say they hooked up, he revealed that they did get together while Ben’s season was airing, months before she started filming the Bachelorette.

“The rumors about JoJo talking to Nick Viall while Ben’s season was airing. I’ve come to find out were absolutely true,” Steve wrote. “They absolutely were talking, they had met up, but then the Bachelorette gig happens, and it’s “see ya.”

Of course, Nick never responded to the rumors and JoJo told Us Weekly that the rumors were “not true,” but it did start some serious online chatter right before the Bachelorette premiere last May.

And then there’s Jen Saviano who spent the night with Nick, and subsequently got dumped, on the most recent season of Bachelor in Paradise. No word on what happened in private, but there’s no doubt that Jen must be feeling a little burned when Nick talked about Andi and Kaitlyn but didn’t even mention Jen when he talked about girls he’s fallen in love with during the Bachelor season premiere.

Nick and Jen on 'Bachelor in Paradise'

According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, the Fantasy Suite dates episode on Nick’s season of the Bachelor won’t air until February 27, but there is no doubt fans will be trying to figure out which girls Nick sleeps with during the overnight dates. As to what will happen behind closed doors during the overnights may never be known unless Nick does another After the Final Rose kiss and tell.

However, spoilers are correct, there is one person Nick doesn’t sleep with — contestant Corinne Olympios. The video preview below shows Corinne making her way to Nick’s hotel room to seduce him, but Reality Steve states that Nick turns her down.

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