Zakiyah Everette And Paulie Calafiore Reunite: What’s The Latest From The ‘Big Brother 18’ Stars?

Paulie Calafiore and Zakiyah Everette developed a very strong connection last summer in the Big Brother 18 house, and it did not take long after the finale for them to share with fans that they had transitioned their showmance into a real-life romance. The two have been facing quite a bit of drama online in recent days, but the BB18 pair dubbed “Zaulie” has just reunited and fans are anxious for the latest scoop.

Zakiyah Everette and Paulie Calafiore have reunited several times since the finale of Big Brother 18 aired, but they do face a long-distance factor in this relationship. He is based in New Jersey while she is in North Carolina, and the BB18 stars were upfront from early on that nobody would be moving anytime soon due to the respective commitments they have at home. Zakiyah is working on a master’s degree in Charlotte while Paulie is tied to New Jersey and his numerous business ventures.

Despite the distance, Calafiore and Everette have made several trips to see one another, and they were thrilled recently when Zaulie fans came together to buy them a trip together to the Dominican Republic. The Big Brother 18 couple’s supporters have been counting down to the trip, and it’s about time for the adventure to begin, but there has been some drama swirling via social media that has caused a fair amount of buzz.

Questions have swirled via social media about how solid Paulie and Zakiyah are together, as there have been some rumors spreading about the state of the relationship for the Big Brother 18 couple. Granted, that is not really anything new for reality television couples, and the other BB18 pairs have had to push through similar situations.

For the most part, both Paulie and Zakiyah are trying to keep things positive, as both have been posting quotes and various notes on social media about how they’re focusing on positivity for 2017 and otherwise looking to step away from drama and focus on the good things ahead. Everette has shared a few posts on Snapchat about preparing for the trip to the Dominican Republic and now she has reunited with Calafiore in New Jersey.

Calafiore did do a couple of Periscope broadcasts slamming the haters and trolls on social media who have tried to disrupt his life and his relationship, and he has indicated that he will be looking to keep things pretty private during his trip to the Dominican Republic. Despite feeling frustrated and agitated by all of the recent buzz, he did share some short clips via social media indicating that Everette was now with him and it looks like they were having a bit of fun with a mini-Power of Veto medallion.

'Big Brother 18' stars Paulie Calafiore and Zakiyah Everette are together again

Zaulie fans would love to see frequent updates from Paulie and Zakiyah as they head off on this trip together, and many would guess that the Big Brother 18 pair will end up sharing at least a few updates. Despite all of the buzz swirling from their online critics, it looks like Everette and Calafiore are doing their best to focus on their own relationship and push past the drama.

The Zaulie fan base is one of the most dedicated and loyal groups out there, and they are glad to see both Paulie and Zakiyah standing up for their relationship. The Big Brother 18 stars have put up with quite a bit of online drama since emerging from the BB18 house, but they seem determined to stay positive and look forward.

BB18 supporters of this duo are thrilled to see that Paulie and Zakiyah have reunited after spending the holidays with their respective loved ones at home and Zaulie fans are hoping that they will get some glimpses into the Dominican Republic adventure the two are about to embrace. Do you think that Big Brother 18 stars Zakiyah Everette and Paulie Calafiore can stay united as a couple despite all of the rumors and drama playing out online?

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