Penis Size Survey: French Guys Are Typically Smaller Than British Chaps

Todd Rigney

According to a recent survey, penis sizes in France are typically smaller than those found hanging out in Britain. Of course, this declaration will be debated until the end of the earth, as most gentleman refuse to be labeled as having smaller genitalia than someone else. However, British men are reportedly smaller in the penis department than those who hail from Germany, so their bragging rights will only carry them so far.

The Daily Mail reports that the average penis size of a British man is roughly 5.5 inches when erect, coming ahead of the French by a mere 0.2 inches. Australians, meanwhile, have an average erect penis size of 5.2 inches while Americans enjoy approximately 5.1 inches of sexual pleasure. The Irish, meanwhile, are trailing a little behind their British counterparts; penises in Ireland tend to be around five inches in length.

According to Peace FM Online, Congolese men hold the title for having the largest penises in the entire world, which tend to average around 7.1 inches when erect. Ecuadoreans, on the other hand, have around seven inches to fool around with while Ghanaians enjoy an average penis size of around 6.8 inches. Those who are convinced that size does matter know where to look for their next sexual conquest.

On the other end of the penis size spectrum lies Northeast Asia where, according to the survey, men have an average penis size of around 4.2 inches. On average, North and South Koreans reportedly have the smallest package to offer the ladies; if the survery's results are to be believed, then men from this region tend to have an average penis size of around 3.8 inches.

Although the recent survey plays directly into ethnic stereotypes, sexuality researchers Masters and Johnson explained that penis size really has no effect on female satisfaction.

"There is no reason why you can't enjoy intercourse and start a pregnancy if you want to," NineMSN explained, stating that the only thing women really care about is their partner's prowess between the sheets.

Do you believe that penis size really matters?