San Francisco Women Get Naked In Nude Parade To Fight Slut Shaming In Bay Area

Coburn Palmer

Women in San Francisco are getting naked in the city streets to protest slut shaming and the sexualization of their bodies.

The body freedom activists, a Bay Area nudist group, are hosting a nude women's parade in March to protest the judgment, shame, and objectification society forces on women, according to MyNakedTruthTV.

The purpose of this event, besides the joy of walking down the street naked, is to support women and to help create an environment where women can feel safe nude in public.

Women are often treated as sex objects and at the same time shamed for wanting sexual freedom.
Body freedom for women involves overcoming the obstacles of social prejudice, fear of judgment, fear of perceived violence and personal self hate. It's about liberating ourselves from the constricting beliefs that were forced on us from infancy and throughout our lives.

San Francisco steadfastly refused to grant the nudists permission to march through the city, forcing the group to file a lawsuit in federal court claiming their civil rights had been violated.

Under the nudity ban, residents are prohibited from appearing naked in the city without a permit, with the threat of a $192 fine for the first violation and second violation and a $500 fine and a year in jail for a third offense.

While the nudists' case is still pending in federal court, the judge ordered the city of San Francisco to grant the group's request to hold scheduled naked parades and protests. The first approved nude parade was hosted on Valentine's Day and drew a crowd of 50 naked people and about 150 clothed participants.

In our backward society a naked man is usually perceived as a threat, while a naked woman is perceived as a sex object asking to be raped and disrespected.

What do you think? Should the body freedom activists have the right to get naked?

(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)