Luke Hemmings Had Sex With Fans: What’s New, Why The Moral Panic?

Luke Hemmings

So, 5 Seconds of Summer star Luke Hemmings has admitted that he has had sex with the band’s fans. Hemmings made the admission to a journalist from Rolling Stone, who shadowed the band as they promoted their sophomore album, Sounds Good, Feels Good. Predictably, the reaction to Hemmings comments has been harshly critical. Hemmings has been widely accused of being misogynistic, disrespectful to women, and sexist as a result of his tell-all interview.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, many of 5 Seconds of Summer’s young female fans were “upset and disgusted” after Hemmings admitted that he had taken advantage of the fact that fans were throwing themselves at him.

“When you put four young dudes on a tour bus, playing theatres, then arenas, you’re going to have sex with a lot of girls, I guess. We had a good time.”

When Hemmings was asked whether that involved multiple girls in one night, Luke said that the possibility was high.

“I feel like I shouldn’t say. You could say the possibility of that is high.”

“Multiple girls at the same time? The possibility is high… the possibilities are endless.”

Hemmings is hardly the first 19-year-old man to use fame and fortune to his advantage by having sex with the young women who were prepared to use any means at their disposal to attract some attention from Luke or his band-mates. If you read the memoirs of just about any rock star, you will find tales of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. Tales of excess go hand in hand with rock music, it is a fact of life.

Hemmings has not done anything that thousands of young people do every day of the week. One night stands are hardly rare in any walk of life, and the tradition of rock star “groupies” is not a modern phenomena.

According to Metro, Hemmings fans are less than impressed by Luke’s revelations, with many taking to Twitter to criticize the young star.

At the most basic of levels, Hemmings has done nothing wrong. Well, assuming that the women involved were willing participants, Luke has done nothing wrong. Hemmings’ bandmate, Calum Hood, also got involved and admits to Rolling Stone that the experiences made him reckless at times.

“I had all this attention from all these girls that would have never liked me in school, coming up to me and saying things, handing me numbers. It was like, ‘Holy s**t, f**k yeah!’ I got a bit reckless.”

Of course, in an ideal world, Hemmings would have dealt with the whole issue more sensitively. In the age of social media, many people love nothing better than to tell the world of their moral outrage. As Hemmings is finding out, some people just love to feel that they are offended by something, especially when it comes to people like Hemmings, who are very much in the public eye.

That said, if the comments attributed to Hemmings are what he actually said, then Luke does demonstrate a remarkable lack of maturity. It seems unlikely that anyone expects Hemmings to be celibate but, in the world of instant communications, Luke and his bandmates are role models.

It is inevitable that young people like Hemmings will want to have sex. It is also inevitable that young stars like Luke will have every action scrutinized by the media and by their fans. It seems that Hemmings fans are primarily upset by Luke’s lack of discretion and the boastful way he bragged about his conquests.

There is little doubt that Hemmings and his 5 Seconds Of Summer band-mates are maturing as musicians and as a band. Luke’s interview suggests that Hemmings still has a lot of growing-up to do, but there is no need for a moral panic.

[Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP]