What Kinds Of Adult Videos Do Women Like? Eye-Opening New Study Shows Female Viewer Tastes

Jonathan Vankin - Author

Dec. 11 2019, Updated 4:14 a.m. ET

Do women watch adult videos, just like many men do? The answer to that as a new study has shown, is a resounding “yes.” But it’s not that simple. The type of adult material that women prefer to watch is very different from what men consume — in ways that will likely be shocking. At least to men.

The popular online adult video site Pornhub collaborated with Buzzfeed on the study. The site regularly crunches numbers on its search data, which for starters should tell viewers that their pornography viewing habits are perhaps not as private as they might think they are, because Pornhub seems to collect a lot of data.

The site, however, points out that the data is not derived from the accounts of registered Pornhub users, but instead from the sophisticated site’s advanced data analytics software.

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Nonetheless, the data from one of the most popular adult video sites on the internet — according to the internet statistical site Alexa, Pornhub is the 73rd-most visited site of any type in the world — provides a revealing insight into the most private preferences of both men and women.

While men’s most-searched-for types of adult material are pretty much what might be expected — mostly various permutations of otherwise conventional, heterosexual activity — the type of material that arouses curiosity in women is quite different, the data shows.

The top-ranked category of adult videos searched for by women was “Lesbian.” And before one reaches the conclusion that most women searching online for adult material are themselves lesbians, the second-ranked category should also be taken into account.

The category of explicit adult video searched for by women second-most often is “Gay Male.” In other words, according to the data, women searching for sexually explicit videos on line most want to watch two women engaged in sex — but other than that, they most want to see two men having sex.

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Actually, it may be inaccurate to say that women simply want to watch sex between two women or two men. In fact, compared to men’s tastes, women showed a pronounced preference for viewing videos of group sexual activity. Women searched for the category “Gangbang” 80 percent more often than men, and the term “Threesome” 75 percent more often.

But, compared to their male adult video-viewing counterparts, women also enjoy watching sexual activity involving just one person — as long as that person is a man. Women viewed videos in the category “Solo Male” 103 percent more than men did.

In fact, after “For Women” and “Lesbian,” there was no category more popular among women, compared to men, than “Solo Male.”

Women also show a strong preference for sado-maschistic adult video viewing, with the terms “rough sex” and “bondage” both appearing in the top 16 search terms for women, but not for men.

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