Lil Wayne Was Shot At In Atlanta? #RIPLilWayne Or Tour Bus Driver Lawsuit Drama? [Breaking]

Watch out for those #RIPLilWayne posts on Twitter because Lil Wayne had some bad luck Sunday morning in Atlanta.

Early on April 26, it was reported that Lil Wayne's club tour date in Atlanta met with mayhem. This is surprising since fan photos posted on Instagram show Lil Wayne performing -- with no real problems in sight.

However, according to reports by TMZ, their insider's state that "Lil Wayne's tour bus took on gunfire in Atlanta early Sunday morning... [sic]"

Apparently, after Lil Wayne's club performance at Compound in Atlanta, Lil Wayne left with his entourage in two different tour buses. Around 3:30 a.m. EST, one of the tour buses was allegedly shot at in the Atlanta area. Lil Wayne and the tour buses were alleged to be minutes away from the nightclub when the shots were fired.

TMZ points out that Hood and Lil Twist were on one of the buses -- as well as Lil Wayne. It is not clear if the tour bus transporting Lil Wayne was the one that was shot at.

After the shooting, the two tour buses went to a hotel parking lot and called the Atlanta police.

At this time, there have been no reports of injuries from the event, and no one has been reported as arrested for the shooting.

Lipstick Alley's thread about the Lil Wayne Atlanta tour bus shooting had first-hand reports from the scene that said, "Thug's people ran to the DJ to try and snatch up Wayne's DJ. They wouldn't let Thugger himself in the club so the waited by Wayne's tour bus. [sic]"

Nevertheless, that information is not official and all information so far about the Lil Wayne Atlanta tour bus shooting comes from anonymous sources.

One other speculation on Lipstick Alley is curiosity about whether this tour bus that got shot up was driven by the same tour bus driver that is trying to sue Lil Wayne -- and whether there is any connection. Complex Magazine clarifies that Lil Wayne is being sued by the tour bus driver for "emotional distress."

Another Lil Wayne fan finds the story about the tour bus shooting "hard to believe" and states on the Lipstick Alley message board, "I have friends who just left Compound and they didn't mention anything [about Lil Wayne or the tour bus shooting], but hey maybe they missed everything. [sic]"

Unfortunately, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lil Wayne is no stranger to stray gun violence. In early March, Lil Wayne's Miami home was part of a hoax shooting. In February, Lil Wayne was set to perform at the Label Club in Charlotte, North Carolina when it was unexpectedly hit by gunfire.

Unfortunately, hours after the alleged shooting, there are still no statements posted on Lil Wayne's Instagram or Twitter accounts that confirm or deny these reports.

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