Michael Jackson Tear Jerkers: Flashbacks In Spanish, Hollywood, And Detroit

If you think that Michael Jackson is the most interesting person in the world, you will love these new pieces of Michael Jackson history that have been recently revealed. In Hollywood, Latin America and Detroit, everyone seems to be having flashbacks of their brief moments with Michael Jackson — and are coming forward in mid-April with their memories.

However, is there some specific reason that everyone wants a headline in the media these days linking to Michael Jackson? Recent interest in Michael Jackson and his interactions with other celebrities has been previously covered by the Inquisitr.

Namely, Michael Jackson was linked over March and April to celebs of the past or present like Guns-N-Roses, Russell Crowe, and Debbie Gibson. Regardless, the reason that name dropping Michael Jackson may be so prevalent as of late is due to Katherine Hepburn.

Famous biographers that have interviewed hundreds of celebrities over the past four decades decided to clean out their files and publish anything remotely juicy that got edited out in the past. One of these files was a conversation with Katherine Hepburn where she talks about Michael Jackson.

That biography that includes Michael Jackson was released on April 16 and is titled In the Company of Legends by Joan Kramer and David Heeley. Since the preview chapter of the Michael Jackson interview with Hepburn has been released, other stars are coming forward about their own tidbits of information that link them to Michael Jackson.

A good example of people stretching to find anything to link themselves to Michael Jackson is Kendall Jenner’s news that she visited him at Neverland Ranch. GQ quotes Kendall Jenner saying about Michael Jackson, “I remember going, actually, and as I was leaving, Michael Jackson was coming in. And I was like, ‘Oh, my God! That was Michael Jackson!'”

More serious memories of Michael Jackson that fans will appreciate come from Quincy Jones, who states to Billboard Magazine that he really took it hard when he learned that Michael Jackson died in 2009. About Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones states the following [tissue warning].

“You know, I couldn’t believe it. No, it was heavy. Really heavy. Because, boy, the relationship with a producer and an artist is really special. And there’s no room for BS at all. It’s got to be pure. It’s got to be love and respect and amazing mutual respect for each other because that’s what makes a good record. When they trust each other, and you tell them to jump without a net, boy, you better know what you’re talking about.”

Making Michael Jackson cover-band history is probably one of the nicest ways to honor the King of Pop, and one project is particularly unique. Michael Jackson trivia lovers, take note because this new release is being called the “first-ever Latino Unity album tribute.”

NBC News reports, “After licensing obstacles and hours and hours of rehearsals and editing with Michael Jackson’s very own Grammy-winning audio engineer Bruce Swedien, Succar’s 12-track album, aptly titled UNITY: The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson is being released April 14th on Universal Music Classics in collaboration with Universal Music Latin Entertainment.”

Adding to the tribute theme, young Michael Jackson fans in Detroit are putting on a performance that you will not believe until you see it with your own eyes. Muskegon Live reports that the Mosaic Singers youth choir has organized a new concert titled, “Make that Change: The Music of Michael Jackson.” The students chose Michael Jackson as their theme because using his music and choreography was a way to show their “immense talent.”

Michael Jackson trivia buffs got a new legal entry in mid-April when dancer Stephanie Thumbtzen, featured in “The Way You Make Me Feel”, decided to sue Nintendo. Thumbtzen claims Nintendo used her likeness from the Michael Jackson 1987 video in a 2010 video game. The legal action is geared toward both Nintendo and the Michael Jackson estate according to the St. Petersburg Press.

Finally, as if there weren’t enough Michael Jackson-related headlines, there is one that should not be missed by a true fan. Thankfully, there are writers out there that help protect MJ’s legendary status because he isn’t alive to do it himself.

Doing the honors is Complex Magazine, which takes the time to give an applause-worthy shout-out to the fact that we should quit naming-dropping Michael Jackson in connection to Chris Brown. Mainly, its because Chris Brown is not even remotely in Michael Jackson’s league.

Complex explains in an opinion piece, “Earlier this week, for reasons that aren’t clear or coherent to me, the Internet was feverishly debating whether Chris Brown is a better dancer than Michael Jackson, and a comparable singer, and a comparable entertainer overall.” The piece goes on to note Michael Jackson feats that Chris Brown will likely never obtain (because there is only one King of Pop!).

[Feature image from Michael Ochs Archive/Getty Images.]