Festival Beauty Tips Guide Explosion: ‘Fashion Police’ Officially Watching Trends

If you have noticed a large number of headlines about festival beauty tips this year, you may wonder where all of this focus is coming from. Is there a secret society behind the style industry that controls things like making festival beauty tips popular?

As a matter of fact, that is exactly what is going on — and the official fashion police have decided that festival beauty tips and fashion are real enough to put on their 2015 calendar.

Deviating from the traditional beauty tips from people like Megan Fox on how to keep your skin glowing — the new crop of festival beauty tips are focused on sweat, sun, and a type of Lana Del Rey-inspired glamour.

The guides currently available online that give you tips for obtaining the perfect 2015 festival look range from bandwagon items like Sephora’s new Music Festival Makeup Kit and booth to more serious festival-related beauty tips.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, favorites from 2014, like Lana Del Rey, are the influences for this year’s festival beauty tips. However, the issue is much deeper than that. There was direct action over the winter to shape 2015 around a new niche called festival fashion or festival beauty tips — and this monsoon of interest started with a major fashion organization putting Coachella on their calendar.

In early April, the Associated Press published an article quoting Chief of The Council of Fashion Designers of America, Steven Kolb. In many ways, The Council of Fashion Designers of America are the official “fashion police.”

Kolb states that fashion is being shaped by festivals like Coachella in a similar way that Woodstock influenced 1970s fashion. Over the years, this has evolved into projects like H&M’s Coachella-based 2015 fashion line and the Shop Style collection of “Festival Season Must-Haves.”

Ordinarily, The Council of Fashion Designers of America are handing out Fashion Icon Awards to celebrities like Pharrell. However, this year, they are also attending festivals to give out beauty tips and note fashion trends in the crowds.

Since festivals like Coachella started doing multiple weekend events, the time between weekends has been filled by unofficial gatherings. Taking the lead on this idea to have an unofficial presence at festivals is the Council of Fashion Designers of America. They decided to put festivals “on their calendar” to conduct some experiments in fashion policing and festival beauty tips on the ground — and the media has heartily responded to their decision by creating a festival beauty tip guides.

About the fact that festival beauty tips are emerging each day during these mega-festivals because of top fashion organizations, Kari Feinstein, fashion publicist, says the following.

“Coachella has almost become fashion week for people in California and LA. It’s become sort of an outdoor runway, but not for high fashion. It’s more for lifestyle-driven brands.”

To perfect the 2015 fashion trends that The Council of Fashion Designers of America are so focused on, there are plenty of guides to choose from that cover different festival beauty tip angles. After all, once “The Council” is interested in an idea — the rest of the fashion industry follows with vigor.

For example, Elle U.K. has a quick list of what celebrities wore for their festival beauty tips advice, but others go much deeper.

InStyle‘s take on festival beauty tips is to focus on the items that are banned at the front gate — and how this affects what you can pack for a festival to maintain style. Community Digest News has a similar take on festival beauty tips that includes avoiding the sun by using an umbrella or hat because they are not banned by festival security.

Yahoo cites festival beauty tips a guide on how to avoid a makeup meltdown at Coachella while Vensette gives their pro tips on how to “ace” festival makeup that does not smear because you are sweating so much.

Naturally, if you are outside all day sweating, sliding through mud, and having the occasional drink spilled on your head, there are even a few festival beauty tips for your hair. Bustle states their main festival beauty tips for hair are to carry dry shampoo with you because you may not get a chance to properly shower. When all else fails, always have a bandana and hat ready in order to cover your hair.

The interest in covering festival beauty tips is tireless and continues with quizzes and niche festival fashion topics. For instance, are you having problems defining which festival beauty tips you need? Entertainment Tonight has a quiz for you that will help determine where you fit in with festival-goer fashion and beauty.

Are you worried that you will completely miss the point despite going through all of these festival beauty tip guides? Hollywood Reporter gives you one last chance to look stellar in front of the fashion police at the 2015 festival of your choice. They state that in order to avoid looking like a “douche-bag,” their main festival beauty tip is to “retire the vests.”

Are there any festival beauty tip stones left unturned? Covering every possible keyword on the festival beauty tip front, InStyle U.K. has an article on 2015 festival manicure trends.

Who knows? If the fashion police find you worthy, you could be handed a Fashion Icon Award next year because you end up showing the world how festival beauty tips are done best. Stranger things have happened at festivals, that’s for sure.

[Feature image via Rachel Murray/Getty Images.]