Michaels Retail Store Customers Victims Of ATM Pin Theft In Las Vegas

Customers at a Michael’s craft store in Las Vegas over Memorial Weekend became the victims of an identity theft scheme when the store’s pin pads where tampered with by thieves.

According to Fox 5 News customers begin to see unauthorized ATM transactions from machines across the valley over the weekend.

One couple, Gary Friedrich and his wife say they used their ATM card at the store located at 215 Beltway and Rainbow Boulevard and received a call from their bank over the weekend. According to Friedrich:

“They wanted to know if we withdrawn $50 from Citi Bank on Maryland Parkway across from the Boulevard (Mall).”

Crooks took off with $500 from his account and he eventually met other bank members who had the same issue which they narrowed down to the Michael’s store experience.

According to the official company website the scam was run at three stores from February 8 through May 6. If you visited the following store you will want to contact your bank immediately to have your card cancelled:

9881 South Eastern Ave., 1251 South Decatur Blvd. and 7195 Arroyo Crossing Parkway.

It’s still unclear if Michael’s is doing anything to refund their customers.