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5 Hilarious Memes You've Got To See

Chukwudi Peter Onyewuchi - Author

Nov. 24 2022, Published 9:55 a.m. ET

Whether it is a play on words, old witty sayings or a funny observation about everyday things, comedy has a way of making people smile and helping them get through difficult times. These days, comedy can be seen in different forms, one of which is internet memes. Memes are usually amusing videos, pictures, or genres of items that are spread widely online through social media.

In the last few years, several social media accounts on various platforms have gone viral for the hilarious memes they share. On Instagram, meme.ig is known for sharing funny and relatable videos. As a result, the page has garnered over ten million followers and is still growing.

Here are five hilarious memes shared on meme.ig.

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Dog Face

On October 31, 2022, meme.ig shared a funny video that many guys will relate to. In the joint post with another Instagram meme account, Poppy, a handsome guy wakes up from sleep with a bright smile. The text overlay explains his reaction: "When you wake up before her and still see her sleeping 🥺." Next, the camera moves to capture the "her," who is meant to be still sleeping.

While many would expect to see a perfect sleeping beauty, considering the look of admiration on the guy's face, the meme showed a sleeping and somewhat shivering dog whose tongue and teeth were all out. Funnily, several guys could relate as they took to the comments section to reveal that it was a regular sight.

Don't Touch The Screen

In another meme.ig clip, a man stands in front of what seems like a big screen. Above the screen is a warning to refrain from touching anything, as written in the meme's text overlay "The sign said 'Don't Touch' but curiosity killed the cat." As it was rightly explained, the man pays no attention to the signs and touches the screen multiple times.

Immediately, a shark comes out of nowhere and slams the screen, leaving what looks like a huge crack. As expected, the shark's sudden appearance hilariously sends the startled man flying to the ground. Many netizens found the video very funny and even desired such screens in their homes to traumatize family members.

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First Day On Job

Another recent meme.ig video went viral with over 100,000 likes. This time, the clip is accompanied by the text overlay "My First Day At Work." In the video, a male medic tries to carry an injured soccer player off the field on a stretcher. However, the medic hilariously keeps tripping and sitting on the injured player's face. The meme ends with the medic wearing a huge smile and giving a thumbs-up.

Decap Statue

A joint Instagram post shared by Fandom and meme.ig, went viral after leaving netizens in stitches. In the meme, a pulley tries to lift what looks like the statue of Vladamir Lenin. However, the decapitation doesn't go well as the statue slips away from the rope attached to it. The resulting effect detaches the head of the statue from the entire piece and sends it flying in the air. Over the hilarious clip is a text overlay that reads: "So no head?😢"

Girl On Playground

This meme.ig post shows a funny yet painful occurrence. The clip opens with children playing in a playground and trying to dodge rotating objects by ducking. However, an unlucky little girl gets knocked over by the soft rotating object. Sadly, she doesn't get the chance to redeem herself as the object slams her in the head and sends her tumbling before she can even stand.

While many may have considered the clip hilarious, other netizens condemned the girl's guardian for lack of supervision. Thankfully, the text overlay revealed that the little girl was not hurt.


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