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Woman Gets Slammed For Taking Her Husband's First Class Seat And Letting Him Fly Coach

Chukwudi Peter Onyewuchi - Author

Sep. 25 2022, Published 6:04 p.m. ET

Conflict occurs in every marriage. The good news is that this is not exactly a bad thing. There will always be conflict wherever two independent, equal adults are partnered. In addition, there will always be differences of opinion.

The primary sources of tension in any relationship, but especially a romantic one, are competing goals, motives, and demands.

While it has been established that conflict is common, it can weaken the relationships between couples and cause more stress if it goes unresolved.

An example of poor conflict resolution between couples was seen in a story of a 32-year-old lady who sought advice on Reddit to determine whether she was right or wrong.

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The woman claimed that his company recently selected her husband to attend a conference in Miami. Out of a vast pool of applicants, they only selected him and a couple of his coworkers. Fortunately, it turned out that guests could bring partners and spouses but had to purchase their tickets.

However, the author was less than delighted when she learned that she would have to fly coach while her husband had a first-class seat given by the company. As a result, she pressured her husband to give up his first-class seat for her like “a gentleman” while he sat coach. At first, her husband declined because he earned the seat for his hard work. But after much of her guilt-tripping, he agreed to give it up.

But here lies the issue. While the woman shared that they had a good time in Miami, she revealed that her husband has been mad at her for guilt-tripping him to give up his first-class seat since they returned from the trip.

The wife shared her story because she wonders if she was wrong to have persuaded her husband into forgoing his "earned" first-class seat for her while he traveled on the coach on his business trip.

Keep scrolling for the story and to see what other Redditors felt about it.

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The Couple Can't Fly First Class Together

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The Woman Wants Her Husband To Be A Gentleman

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Is He Being A Cry Baby?

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Rising Airplane Ticket Prices

One can understand why the man and his wife were reluctant to pay for a first-class ticket and instead opt for one of them to use the coach. There has been an increase in airfares in the United States. This surge began following the drop in COVID-19 cases and the lifting of pandemic restrictions. However, despite the rising airfares, customer satisfaction dropped among travelers across all ticket classes— coach, premium economy, and first or business class.

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Redditors React To The Woman's Story

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"A Me Me Person"

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A Hypocrite?

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While disagreements between couples are unavoidable, they must learn to resolve them amicably to ensure their relationship remains strong. Most Redditors who reacted to the woman's story believed she was wrong with her actions. Hopefully, she will learn from their words and learn to act better next time.


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