Salma Hayek Stuns In Low-Cut Hot Pink Dress

Salma Hayek close up
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Chisom Ndianefo

Salma Hayek enjoyed a private Mariachi band performance on her birthday at the beginning of this month. As the actress turned 56, she decided an intimate ceremony with family was the best way to celebrate her new age.

Although she was indoors, Hayek dressed up for the occasion spotting a beautiful pink dress that put her in a festive mood. She sang along with the melodic band and moved her body to the rhythm of their instruments.

The Mariachi band was a fitting homage to her home country, Mexico, while the festivities following her vacation were a fitting way to end a long season of movie-making and promotions from Eternals to Magic Mike 3.

Sing-Along With The Band

Hayek wore a demure smile on her pink-painted full lips, complimenting a magenta high-low multi-tiered dress. The gown's bodice fit snuggly against her upper body, and its plunging neckline pushed up her full bust, accessorized with a long necklace.

She swayed her tiered skirt in excitement when the music got to her soul, and her curly brown hair, worn down in a center part, bounced with her movements. The entire affair was straight out of a fairytale and it looked magical. Let's call her Cinderella before midnight because she looked that beautiful if not more.

Celebrating Mexico

As if her Mariachi band sing-along wasn't convincing enough, Hayek lent her voice to a Passion Fruit campaign and shared a heartfelt message about her country. She wrote,

"As a Mexican who has lived in different parts of the world, traveling has allowed me to stay connected to my roots, my family and proudly bring my culture everywhere I go. It also has given me the privilege to discover other countries, celebrate our differences and our affinities..."

Hayek's profession has taken her around the world since she started acting at an early age. Recently, she featured in two blockbusters that shot her back to the limelight and cemented her as a force in Hollywood.

A Humbling Experience

Hayek's roles in each movie were so different that they showed her range as an actress. She was a clairvoyant fortuneteller/life coach in House of Gucci opposite Lady Gaga, and a goddess, in Marvel's Eternals

Her role in Eternals influenced her deeply beyond the few hours spent reciting her lines on the screen. Surprisingly, Hayek revealed Ajak was a dream role as she tried for years before her big break with Marvel to land a Superhero role.

As a then-55-year-old woman, she thought her dream would never come through because most superheroes weren't older than 30. When she finally got the role, Hayek said,

"...It's incredibly humbling. I was mistaken. It is possible to achieve anything."

Meeting Her Best Friend

Another thing Hollywood gave Hayek was lasting friendships, and we can't stop gushing over this fashion moment she had with her colleague turned sister, Penelope Cruz. The actresses recently wore feathery black dresses with snug bodices and high-bun hairstyles, as if we needed more proof that they're soul sisters. However, they still added their unique twists to their dresses, with Hayek accentuating her bust with a t-shaped necklace and Cruz wearing a simple drop earring.