'RHOSLC' Fans Ask Questions About Jen Shah's Husband Sharrieff's Potential Involvement In Fraud

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Lindsay Cronin

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah pled guilty to fraud in a New York court last month. And now, as she prepares for her sentencing hearing later this year, fans online are wondering if her husband, Sharrieff "Coach" Shah, had any involvement with her misdeeds.

Sharrieff's Possible Role

Jen Shah and Coach at 'RHOSLC' reunion
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According to a recent report from Screen Rant, online speculation about Sharrieff's possible role in Jen's crimes began circulating after a Reddit user pointed out that Sharrieff previously worked in law.

"I remembered last night that Coach Shah was an attorney for 12 years…Man, you have to wonder what went on behind closed doors in their home. He had to know what was coming down,” the person, writing under the name "Lady Bakes" stated.

In response, another user, under the name "Thunder Snow," suggested that Sharrieff likely knew what his wife was doing.

"I’m starting to think Jen (and Coach because hell yes he had a rough idea) were fully aware of what they were doing and sadly, deep down, don’t think of it as stealing or wrong, but a part of acceptable business practices in the U.S.,” they suspected.

Jen Shah Is Accused Of Scamming The Elderly In A Years-Long Telemarketing Scheme

As fans of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City witnessed on the show, Jen was arrested in March 2021 and charged with money laundering and fraud due to a years-long telemarketing scheme she was allegedly running alongside assistant Stuart Smith, who has also been featured on the show.

And, while Jen initially denied all charges against her, she ultimately pled guilty to the fraud charge.

'RHOSLC' Star Jen Shah Was Called Out For Suggesting She Was Targeted Due To Her Race

Also on Reddit, another user, named "Oh Meatball Head," slammed Jen, who is Polynesian, for her alleged crimes against the elderly and her other supposed victims, giving a nod to her past suggestion that she was being targeted due to her race.

“In theory I get her irritation about the microaggressions people can exhibit towards wealthy [people of color] but knowing she said that with full awareness that she was stealing is just sick and undermining," the user pointed out.

The same user added that Sharrieff, who is Black, "of course" knew what she was doing or at least had an "idea" about what was reportedly going on.

Jen Shah Is Due Back In Court In November

Following her guilty plea, as confirmed by Newsweek, Jen will be sentenced on November 28.