MLB Rumors: Yankees Eyeing Luis Castillo

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Ernesto Cova

The New York Yankees have been the best team in Major League Baseball this season and it hasn't even been close. Their offense has raked, their bullpen has been rock-solid, and their starting rotation has been nothing short of spectacular.

Leading the league in strikeout rate, walk rate, and second in ERA; Aaron Boone's squad has been nearly unhittable this season.

Yankees Want More Pitching

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Nonetheless, as impressive as their five-man rotation has been, it seems like the Yankees aren't completely satisfied with what they have, and could eye Cincinnati Reds' Luis Castillo or Oakland Athletics' Frankie Montas to bolster their team even more:

"While Yankees starting pitchers led the American League in earned run average and WAR, Brian Cashman is going to make a run at Luis Castillo and Frankie Montas," Peter Gammons of The Athletic reported.

Durability Is A Concern

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According to Mark Polishuk of MLB Trade Rumors, the Yankees have serious durability concerns with their pitching staff, considering how injury-prone they've been throughout their careers:

"Severino tossed only 18 regular-season innings over the course of three injury-riddled seasons from 2019-21, and thus his workload might need to be managed down the stretch," Polishuk reported. "Likewise, Cortes has never thrown more than 119 2/3 combined innings in any pro season, while Taillon has also battled a number of injury problems throughout his career."

Castillo Is The Best Pitcher Available

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Also, Castillo would give them another trustworthy veteran and would be under club control for at least another season, which could lead to an interesting competition to acquire his services:

"Castillo isn’t scheduled for free agency until after the 2023 season. He has been more solid than spectacular thus far in 2022, but it could be that Castillo is still ramping up after missing the first month of action due to shoulder soreness," Polishuk added.

The Reds Have A Name In Mind

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With that in mind, the word around the league is that the Reds would only consider trading Castillo to the Yankees in return for star prospect Will Warren:

"Look at Will Warren, which the Reds have done. At this time last year, he was a small right-handed pitcher from Southeast Louisiana University waiting to see if he got drafted," wrote Gammons. "The organization put him on a training program to build 20 pounds. They worked on maximum usage of his body. They fine-tuned his slider into another whirlybird. And this spring, in his first full pro season, he’s shot up to hitting 98 miles an hour, his slider has gone to a seam-shifted weapon, and he’s already at Double-A Somerset and opening eyes."

Sure a promising pitcher is a steep price to pay for a veteran, but Brian Cashman is known for making aggressive moves at the deadline and he knows this team needs to win a World Series now.