Miley Cyrus Performs In Bikini Top

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Since former teen pop icon Miley Cyrus released her debut live album Attention: Miley Live last month, we can't help but take a trip down memory lane to one of her many electrifying performances. Last year, the singer started her Bottlerock Napa Festival performance in a two-piece pant and cropped top set but ended with a shiny silver triangle top.

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Performing In A Futuristic Bikini

Cyrus' V-neck top had a single long sleeve revealing her silver bikini top underneath and a bared right hand clad in elbow-length opera gloves in a matching material. She paired the look with blow-dried blonde bob hair and lightly accessorized it with a simple necklace and silver rings.

As the night went by, the rockstar removed her top and finished her performance in the bikini triangle top.

Critics Leave Mixed Reviews On 'Attention: Miley Live'

Miley Cyrus on stage
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Despite fans enjoying Cyrus' Live Album, critics gave it mixed reviews. Pitchfork judged it harshly for its lack of cohesion. Because the album combined songs performed in different eras and times, the transitions weren't as seamless as they could've been.

According to the publication, Cyrus credits the set list (save for two new tracks) to her fans. The Live album includes songs from her Super Bowl Music Fest performance with Green Day and covers of classics causing Pitchfork to rate it 5.6/10.

Relationship With Maxx Morando

Apart from her career development, Miley Cyrus has moved on in life and formed a new relationship with drummer Maxx Morando. Rumors of the pair dating started in September last year after her break up with Cody Simpson. Not only did they get caught by paparazzi holding hands at her New Year's Eve party with Pete Davidson, but they engaged in a steamy makeout session this February during a Cabo trip.

Hosting NBC's NYE Party For The First Time

Hosting NBC's NYE party was one of the highlights of Cyrus' year, especially since she and Pete Davidson were the first since its long-term host Carson Daly stepped away. She celebrated the show's success regardless of the few mishaps (including a wardrobe malfunction on stage and a supposed inappropriate comment about Kim Kardashian and Pete's relationship) with a bikini post and multiple balloons.

The polka dot swimwear had a tie bikini bottom and halter neck top, and she paired it with black and silver kitten heel sandals, her signature blonde mullet bob, and red lipstick.