The Best Character On 'Grey's Anatomy'

Chandra Wilson
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Bryce Cameron

ABC's smash hit series "Grey's Anatomy" has lasted for nearly two decades. Somehow, throughout all of that time, one character has managed to stand out above the rest. Dr. Miranda Bailey is the best character in "Grey's Anatomy," and there are many reasons to back that up.

Played by Chandra Wilson, Bailey has been a mainstay on "Grey's Anatomy" since the first season. While she may sometimes overstep and say the wrong thing, there are many things that make her the best.

Keep reading for more of why Miranda Bailey is the best "Grey's Anatomy" character.

She Is The Foundation

Since the first season, Dr. Bailey has been the foundation of this show. Bailey helped educate and guide the first crop of doctors into who they are today. There would be no star surgeon Meredith Grey without the teaching of Miranda Bailey.

Over the years, Bailey has cemented herself as the glue that connects everyone. Even though the show is named after Meredith, Bailey frequently comes off as the central figure. Everyone can be traced back to her in some capacity. It's like six degrees of separation, medical drama style.

Dr. Bailey instilled doctors such as Meredith, Cristina Yang, and Alex Karev into the multidimensional messes we came to know and love.

She Has Emotional Depth

Another reason Bailey is the best character on the show is her emotional depth. Bailey's able to showcase a wide range of emotions that can shift to either extreme depending on the situation.

Frequently, Bailey can be found barking orders at the staff and commanding attention. She's unafraid to voice her opinion and make herself heard. However, that's far from the only side of Dr. Bailey. She also knows how to give viewers a more fragile, vulnerable, and emotionally open side.

Tragedy has struck Bailey countless times during the show's run. Her OCD storyline touched so many lives because of its weight in the real world. It's that sort of raw and real situation that people watching at home can relate to.

She Pulls At Our Heartstrings

Bailey has been through the wringer on "Grey's Anatomy." Every season there's another brutal twist in store for her, making her endearing to watch. You have to root for Bailey because you know she will give an inspirational speech about how she'll overcome it.

From wondering if her husband perished in a fire to the death of her parents, Bailey's going to give viewers a powerful emotional moment. More times than not, Bailey's going through something that will tug at the heartstrings and leave you a blubbering mess.