CrossFit Athlete Krystal Cantu-Cuate Displays Strength In Barbell Lift

Krystal Cantu with fringed hair posing in a selfie pic.
instagram | Krystal Cantu-Cuate

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One-armed Crossfit athlete Krystal Cantu-Cuate executed an incredible barbell lift, leaving her followers inspired and amazed by her strength.

In a video posted on her Instagram account, the athlete displayed her physical prowess at the gym. But, it's not only her physical strength that has people impressed, her indomitable spirit is also winning the hearts of many.

Scroll down to see Krystal's barbell lift and learn how she keeps her body fit!

One-Handed Barbell Lift

Fronting her arm and core power, Krystal showcased some of the workout routines she does at the gym.

She performed a big barbell lift, holding the steel bar with one hand and clinching it under her chin. Krystal also did a couple of weighted squats, with a loaded barbell resting on her traps. Finishing strong, the athlete did a one-arm handstand against the wall.

Fans and followers flocked to the comment section to express their awe.

"I love your drive so much! It’s so inspiring! It legit moves me! Keep going….❤️❤️❤️," someone wrote down.

"Legend!" another one said.

Krystal's Go-To Workout

To keep her body fit, Krystal exercises at home regularly. But instead of the usual RFT (rounds for time) method, where you need to finish as many rounds as quickly as possible, she has a completely different approach called '4 Rounds Not For Time', which focuses more on intention instead of reps.

The CrossFit superstar explained in her caption why she prefers a more purpose-filled workout style after a life-changing car accident that led to the amputation of her arm.

"I don’t go by a digital clock anymore. I go by my internal clock. I listen very carefully to my body and my mind while I exercise. I move slowly and with purpose/intention," she wrote.

"I no longer yearn to beat a clock or do the most repetitions. That’s a big change for me, and one that I’m extremely proud of."

Winning Moments

In another video, Krystal further demonstrated what a typical '4 Rounds Not For Time' workout is like.

She did 10 ascending back squats with increasing weights in every set, 20 step-ups, and 30 leg lifts. These workouts were, of course, all done mindfully and barefoot, to feel more grounded, Krystal explained.

Mental Health Advocate

Aside from her inspiring workouts, Krystal has also been lauded for her amazing willpower and spirit. She is also a mental health advocate, a keynote speaker, a podcast host, and an all-around superwoman.

In an interview, Krystal shared her positive spirit and pride in being an adaptive athlete.

“Losing my arm is the best thing that ever happened to me,” Krystal said. “I still think to this day, I have gotten to experience a lot of parts of the United States that I wouldn’t have been able to before. I’ve been able to meet a ton of great people that I don’t think I would have been able to meet if I weren’t an adaptive athlete.”