Kelly Sildaru In Bikini Says 'Make Waves'

Close up of Kelly Sildaru


Let's take a look at some of the times Olympian Kelly Sildaru wowed us in her summertime swimwear while enjoying her off-season. The athlete isn't shy to show her multi-talent doing things unrelated to Winter Games, and she always looks good doing them.

Check her out below.

Make Waves, Move Mountains

"Make Waves, Move Mountains."

That's Kelly's mantra, and she embodies it by skiing to the best of her ability during competitions and riding massive waves in her leisure. When sports were on ice (pun intended) during the pandemic, she cooled her nerves and often relaxed by the beach, showing off her bikini body. The model/athlete found a nice spot on a rock for a "sunkissed photo" as she flaunted her toned legs, although she covered her upper body in a wooly long-sleeved cropped top.

Lounging With Her Red Bull

Sildaru jets worldwide for competitions and private business and one of her favorite spots to visit is Venice beach. The athlete lounged in the sand wearing a solid-colored Ochre bikini that highlighted her toned abs and long legs while she nursed her Red Bull energy drink in one hand. She swept her curly blonde hair to the side and shielded her eyes with black sunglasses letting the sun's reflection serve as a natural filter on her pretty picture.

Skateboarding In Bikini And Mini Shorts

Kelly skateboards around the park when she's not surfing in her bikini. The 20-year-old enjoys being active and indulges in almost every sport similar to skiing, including her beloved wave surfing.

During the summer of her 18th birthday, she took a break from practice to skate in a triangle top bikini and mini shorts. Her hair billowed in the breeze with the abandon of a child at the funfair while she protected her eyes with sunshades. Kelly captioned her playful picture,

"Rolling into the week like..."

Basking In The Sunset

Kelly loves the sunset as much as the sunrise, and she documents her adventurous summers on her YouTube Channel. The model films herself having fun on the beach, doing things like surfing, building sandcastles, and wading in the waters at the bank.

Even though she has an impressive physique, she doesn't only wear bikinis but also switches up her look to include one-piece swimsuits from her collaborative brand, ROXY. She's been with the company for as long as her skiing career and shows off her style, rocking their various swimwear ranges.