'RHOSLC' Star Jen Shah Risks 50 Years In Jail By Refusing Plea Deal

Close up of Jen Shah
instagram | Jen Shah

"I'm fighting this. I am innocent and I will fight for every person out there that can't fight for themselves because they don't have the resources or the means. So, they don't fight."

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah risks spending up to 50 years locked up for telemarketing fraud. The 48-year-old reality TV star asserted her innocence on the final episode of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion last Sunday after castmates asked why she refused the Plea Deal offered. The alleged targeted telemarketing scheme was a main talking point for the second season, and with the trial coming up this July in NYC, Jen took the opportunity to clear her name.

Jen Arrested On Live TV

Last year, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) cuffed Jen during an RHOSLC filming day, so unfortunately for her, it was visible for all to see. Upon arraignment, the 48-year-old pled "Not Guilty" on all charges, including, Conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering.

Jen said,

"I will fight because No. 1, I'm innocent, and No. 2, I'm going to f**king represent every other person out there that can't fight and hasn't been able to."

The Housewives Rally

Luckily for Jen, her castmates rally around her, including her best friend Heather Gay, who voiced her support at the reunion. She started by declaring her love for the businesswoman, saying,

"I love Jen. I don't care if she's guilty or not. I believe her too and I want the best for her and her family and I'll be in court every day and I will fight for her. She's in the fight of her life. We got your back. We love you."

The ladies also had a fun "Pass the Phone Challenge," while preparing to go at each other's throats in the reunion.

Jen Faces Up To 50 Years

However, Jen's "Not Guilty" pleas may be compromised because her ex-assistant Stuart Smith, who's charged as an accomplice, entered a guilty plea in November last year. According to Page Six, Smith previously pled Not Guilty like his former boss but changed his plea accepting all charges against him (the same as Jen with an additional obstruction charge.)

However, Jen seems unfazed by Smith's change of plea, as she told Andy Cohen and the ladies that the ordeal only made her stronger.

The Family Is Closer

On the bright side, Jen told Andy the ordeal strengthened her family and proved how much her husband Sharrieff Shah loves her. She also ended the night on a positive note, hinting at a possible return for the third season, which would only be possible if she beats these charges against her.