'He's Insane': Former UFC Champ Advises Francis Ngannou To Avoid Fighting Tyson Fury

Francis Ngannou holding his belt

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Since entering the UFC in 2015, Francis Ngannou continues to make his own name in the world of mixed martial arts. After knocking out Stipe Miocic at UFC 260, "The Predator" has successfully captured the UFC heavyweight title. Last month, at UFC 270, Ngannou has unified the belt when he defeated interim UFC heavyweight champion, Ciryl Jane, via unanimous decision.

Though he is currently recovering from knee surgery, Ngannou is currently being targeted, not only by UFC heavyweight contenders but also by some of the big names in boxing.

Tyson Fury Challenges Francis Ngannou To A Fight

Tyson Fury talking to reporters
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Among the professional boxers who expressed interest in fighting Ngannou is WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. Earlier in January, Fury tweeted a photoshopped poster of him and Ngannou, asking fans if they would be interested to see them fight under boxing rules using UFC gloves. In an interview with iFL TV, via The Manchester Evening News, Fury reiterated his desire to fight Ngannou, saying that he's planning to face him in February or March next year in Las Vegas.

Fury revealed that there's still no ongoing talk between him and Ngannou's camp but when it happens, he believes that it would break all pay-per-view records in the United States.

Daniel Cormier Doesn't Want Francis Ngannou To Face Tyson Fury

Daniel Cormier as an MMA analyst
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Ngannou is very interested in fighting Fury, believing that it's something that should absolutely happen. Since winning the UFC heavyweight title, Ngannou has been telling everyone about his desire to test his power in the boxing ring. However, some big personalities in the world of mixed arts don't think it's a good idea for Ngannou.

According to former UFC champion Daniel Cormier, Ngannou should avoid fighting Fury because "he's insane."

“Oh, I don't like that. I don't like that for Francis,” Cormier said when asked about the potential fight between Ngannou and Fury, via Sport Bible. “Tyson Fury, let me tell you something, the Gypsy King, he's insane."

Another UFC Fighter's Opinion

Francis Ngannou fighting inside the Octagon.
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Aside from Cormier, UFC heavyweight Tom Aspinall also advised Ngannou against facing Fury in the boxing ring. In an interview with Sky Sports, Aspinall said that Fury would easily dismantle Ngannou in a boxing match.

“In all honesty, no, he [Ngannou] can’t. He can’t be competitive” Aspinall said. “It doesn’t translate. Speaking first hand here, as someone who has sparred with a lot of high level boxer and rounds with Tyson Fury, I don’t think MMA translates to pure boxing as well as a lot of MMA fighters think it will."

Francis Ngannou Should Settle Dispute With UFC

Francis Ngannou celebrating victory
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Before thinking of facing Fury next year, Ngannou would first need to focus on his ongoing dispute with the UFC. After UFC 270, which was the final fight on his contract, Ngannou said that he's done fighting for $500,000 and $600,000. If the UFC wants him back, Ngannou urged them to give him a massive pay raise and the freedom to fight in the boxing ring whenever he likes.

However, as of now, the UFC doesn't seem to have any plan of granting all of Ngannou's requests. They also told Ngannou that he still owes them one fight because of the "champion's clause" in his contract.