Squid Game's HoYeon Jung Stuns Bare-Legged In Calvin Klein

HoYeon Jung close up
Getty | Udo Salters

Geri Green

Netflix sensation and former catwalk queen HoYeon Jung is stunning in skimpy underwear as she promotes the Calvin Klein brand she fronts. The 27-year-old actress and Squid Game star now has major brands fighting over her - winning, so far, are French luxury designer Louis Vuitton and American fashion giant Calvin Klein, plus French king-pin Chanel.

A recent Instagram share brought Jung stripped down to her undies for some CK action, and the bare-legged photo has been gaining major likes. Check it out below.

Stuns In Calvin Klein Underwear

Scroll for the photo. It comes as Jung made headlines for seeing fans worried about her weight - in late 2021, the South Korean star admitted having lost too much weight and blamed her crazy promo schedule for having no time "to eat."

The photo showed HoYeon indoors and on a bed, with pillows just about visible. She was all legs, abs, and flat stomach, posing in a tiny white pair of briefs and with her arms stretched up above her head. HoYeon also donned a simple blue tee with a red logo, sending the camera a direct gaze as she tugged her hair upwards.

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HoYeon Jung in a dress
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With over 3 million likes, the shot came captioned: "@calvinklein." It comes shortly after Jung went #ad for the same brand, this as she joins stars including models Kendall Jenner and Kaia Gerber in fronting the designer. "Gorg" quickly came in from supermodel Gigi Hadid.

Managing Modeling And Acting?

HoYeon's sensation status comes unprecedented. Last year, she gained 15 million Instagram followers in just three weeks, with magazines now waiting in line to profile her. Addressing her modeling past as she admitted possibly wanting to continue the gig amid her acting career, Jung told Teen Vogue:

"I hope I can do both but, physically, I think if I got a role or a new series came in, then I'd have to focus on the shooting. At that moment, I don't think I can do modeling at the same time as acting, but if I don't have a time [where I need to be shooting], then I could do modeling. I could manage. I'm a very flexible person!"

Got The Part 'Right Away'

HoYeon Jung on the runway
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Touching on her rise to Squid Game fame, the leggy beauty added:

"When my modeling agency contract ended, and I moved to an acting agency, this was the first script that I got for my first open audition, and I got the role after auditioning for the part," also confirming: "I did the second audition after coming to Korea, face to face, and I got the part right away."