Natalie Portman And Yara Shahidi Stun In 'Dior Forever'

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Dior Beauty tapped social activists Yara Shahidi, 21, and Natalie Portman, 40, for its latest campaign. Dior Beauty reinvented its 2007 Forever Foundation to accommodate more skin tones and promote diversity. The world is more conscious about inclusivity in brands, and people are dropping discriminatory brands like a hot pocket. Also, the competition is getting tighter with newer brands offering a more comprehensive range of foundation tones hence the need for the fashion house to evolve.

While Shahidi is a recent signee (she joined the fashion house in 2021), Portman has been on board since 2011.

A Union Of Two Generations

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Tapping Yara and Natalie as the focal models for this new Foundation bridges the gap between two generations.

Dior Beauty released a statement calling Forever "fifteen years of obsession with perfection, fifteen years of love for and from women, a companion product that strengthens self-confidence on a daily basis."

The beauty house also spoke about its motives in choosing two very different yet similar characters to flagship the Foundation.

"These strong and inspiring women appear as leaders of the Forever community, which is growing every day. Today, Forever lies at the center of a large movement, and a real, inclusive community of men and women of every age and every skin color."

That's evident in their choice of focal models since Yara is a 21-year-old African American, and Natalie is a 40-year-old Israeli born-American actress. Both ladies have been very vocal about their stance on social justice issues.

What To Expect

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Understandably, fans expressed concern over the quality compromise and change in formula. It's not easy to embrace change, especially when you feel there's nothing wrong with the current design. The Creative and Image Director of Dior Beauty Peter Philips allayed all fear as he announced the upgrade saying,

"Today, we are reinventing our iconic Forever foundation with a new formula at the heart of which is skincare and florality play an essential role, without compromising its original qualities. On the contrary, this new generation also provides even better performance."

Dior Forever Foundation now has 43 shades to accommodate every ethnicity and skin tone.

Commitment To The Environment

Forever Foundation's upgrade wasn't strictly about improved formulas and embracing diversity. The fashion and beauty house also improved the packaging to an environmentally conscious 40% recycled glass and 100% recycled plastic cover.

Its newly improved formula also incorporates a transfer-proof technology for long-wear - every makeup enthusiast's dream - and hydrating essence to keep the skin glowing.

A Tribute To Christian Dior

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The floral notes in the newly improved foundation is a tribute to the founding father, Christian Dior. Philips attested to his love for flowers, saying, "It is the gift of beauty, like offering yourself a bouquet on a daily basis." He masterfully incorporated 86% floral skincare - Iris, Nasturtium, and Pansy - into Forever to reduce visible pores and boost radiance.