Alexandra Daddario Enjoys Winter Fun With Her Dog Eunice

Alexandra Daddario wears drop-down gold earrings on the red carpet.
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Alexandra Lozovschi

She may be engaged to movie producer Andrew Form but Alexandra Daddario has another love in her life. The White Lotus star is head over heels enamored with her rescue dog, Eunice, whom the actress adopted from Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs. Proof of their strong bond is the 35-year-old's recent Instagram post about how she's spending her winter break -- a Form-less update that packed plenty of doggy content, as do most of her social media shares.

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Winter Fun

Alexandra Daddario's dog Eunice sits in the snow.
instagram | Alexandra Daddario

In a slideshow added to her page earlier this week, Daddario was smiling from ear to ear during a snowy outing. Bundled up in a blue faux-fur jacket and a black beanie, the Songbird star exuded joy as she looked up at the sky with a radiant expression, with additional snaps giving fans insight into what else she's been up to.

Among the pictures, a sweet photo of her pup, whose full name is Eunice Kathleen, showed her snuggled on the couch with her BFF, Gerry, the dog of Daddario's bestie, former roommate, and Lost Girls and Love Hotels co-star, Morgan Nalley.

Captioned with a single word, "winter," the upload included a selfie of Daddario enjoying an acupuncture session, as well as a video of her lip-syncing to Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You."

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Cozy Vibes

Alexandra Daddario holds her dog's head in her lap while reading a book on the couch.
instagram | Alexandra Daddario

Another recent update of how Daddario is spending her post-holidays leisure time depicted the Hollywood star by a cozy fireplace. Dressed comfortably in PJ bottoms and a snug sweater, she sat by a chess table looking pensive and dreamy. Extra snaps saw her heading out into a snowy field, with a picturesque mountain view indicating she was at a winter cabin.

The fun continued with a play date for Eunice, who cozied up to her mom on the couch before booping snoots with another pup. Showing her NFL allegiances, she rocked a blue Rams jersey that snagged plenty of compliments from fans.

"Eunice is thrilled," Daddario captioned the triple update, prompting one follower to quip: "Eunice has good taste!"

"Beautiful smile," another user said of the slideshow, which only consisted of close-ups of Eunice.

Love At First Sight

Alexandra Daddario takes a selfie while cuddling her dog in her arms.
instagram | Alexandra Daddario

Daddario adopted Eunice in January 2021, one month after the Baywatch star faced the terrible loss of her beloved Levon, her first rescue pup she saved back in 2013. Despite still reeling over Levon's passing, the actress opened her heart to another canine companion, announcing the adoption with a heartwarming picture of her cuddling the adorable pup, given below.

"Thank you @nycscr for bringing Eunice into my life!" she wrote in the caption.

Since then, Eunice has been regularly popping up on Daddario's feed and she seemingly never leaves her side, not even when her mom is posing for Shrimpton Couture.

The True Detective and American Horror Story alum spent Christmas in gleeful doggy company, as evidenced by her feed. Other recent posts showed Eunice contemplating the L.A. rain through the glass doors overlooking the stone patio of Daddario and Form's elegant Hancock Park mansion.

Dog Adoption Advocate

Alexandra Daddario takes a selfie with her late dog, Levon.
instagram | Alexandra Daddario

The actress, who is a passionate pet adoption advocate, has opened up about her love for dogs on numerous occasions. Teaming up with Autotrader in 2018 to promote the dog adoption website, the San Andreas actress told Men’s Journal: “I love the idea that they are supporting rescue animals.”

Pictured above with her late dog Levon, Daddario continued: “We need to get more animals out of shelters and into loving homes. I think it’s great to see so much support for dog adoption. Having a dog brings so much joy into your life, allowing you to access that nurturing part of your spirit."

Leading by example, Daddario explained to PopCulture in 2020 how her "obsession" with dogs started.

"I didn't have any pets growing up, so it wasn't until after I moved to L.A. and was on my own that I really got into dog adoption," the actress shared. "In my downtime, I like to go to shelters and volunteer my time to help and use my platform to encourage people to adopt."