Kanye West Seeks New Heights With Mysterious ‘Lift Yourself’ Track [Opinion]

Drew Angerer

It’s not often easy to figure out what Kanye West is saying. Whether he’s buddying up with President Donald Trump on social media, tweeting about their shared “dragon energy” (whatever that actually means), or tweeting 10 consecutive comics from the New Yorker, sometimes Yeezus’ online ramblings get lost in the shuffle.

And then, sometimes, he sends something of genuine intrigue out into the ether. Such was the case on Friday, April 27, at 7:25 p.m. Eastern. He tweeted two words, “Lift Yourself,” and a link to his website. Whether he was going for profundity through simplicity, we don’t know. What we do know is that, accompanying his simple tweet, he shared a link to his website, which was reduced to a single embedded audio track, ostensibly released at 3:22 p.m. today.

A short trip to his website later, and the curious and fans alike can listen to a track that’s no less cryptic and interesting than the tweet that brought them there. It starts with some light and airy piano, some sugary sweet female vocals and an infectious beat.

“Hard to see the hang-ups we have today.”

“We need to strive for the liberty, lift yourself up on your feet, let’s get it on.”

The beat and the vocals continue on ad nauseum. Then Kanye himself steps to the mic and it pretty much unravels to the point of some of the seeming nonsense he tweets.

“Poopity scoop..

“Woopity scoop…

“Poop poop…

“Wooptity scoop poop…”

Keep in mind these are actual attempts at accurate quotes.

Where Kanye was going with that particular lyrical purgation, we may never know. The “poop” and the “wooptity scoop” were particularly effective in achieving what seems to be Kanye’s life aim: confusing the entire world. Maybe he’s super excited about cleaning out a cat’s litter box, “Whoop! Scoop poop!” Maybe he’s… no, that’s actually the only thing that makes sense. How that fits in with themes of obscured hang-ups, striving for liberty, and lifting yourself up in order to get it on, your guess is as good as ours.