Donald Trump’s ‘Fake Access Hollywood Tape’ Comment Suggests Scary Way Of Dealing With Sexual Abuse [Opinion]

President Donald Trump is a controversial president, to say the least, but many were shocked when he was elected after he said that he just had to “grab them by the p***y” when he wanted a woman. In the taped discussion, Trump revealed that he couldn’t hold back when he saw beautiful women. He hasn’t really acknowledged his own behavior after several scandals have surfaced recently, as more women are stepping forward with stories about sexual abuse, unwanted advances, and inappropriate behavior.

According to CNN, President Donald Trump is now saying that the entire tape may have been fabricated and fake. This is, of course, odd since he has already acknowledged the incident and apologized for it. Plus, he managed to still win the Presidency despite admitting that he’s pushy with women who he wants to hook up with. On the tape, he was referring to an older incident that happened before he got married to Melania Trump. It is interesting that Trump is now saying that the tape may be fake. Perhaps he’s realizing the consequences others are facing over their own unwanted sexual advances. Other politicians and successful men are being labeled sexual abusers, including Harvey Weinstein.

Even though Trump had previously acknowledged the video, perhaps in an effort to win the presidential election, people should be concerned that he’s now changing his story. Many women are starting to come forward with stories of sexual abuse and inappropriate behavior, partially due to the #MeToo campaign. While all of these women should definitely be believed and taken seriously, it is possible that some of the stories are fake and used for publicity.

When Trump says that the tape is fake, many other men who have been accused could follow his lead. They could start denying that the stories are untrue and false. For years, women have been scared to go public with stories of sexual abuse, but it sounds like there is power in the masses. More stories continue to surface and the more stories come out about individual men, the harder it becomes to deny them. If stories started to come out about Trump, his comments about this tape may be damning to his approval ratings.

President Donald Trump has not fully endorsed Roy Moore, but he has been vocal about how horrible it would be if his opponent won.

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