Did Hillary Put Huma Abedin In Embarrassing Position For Shopping A Book Deal? [Opinion]

Hillary Clinton is writing a book on how she was done wrong during the 2016 run for the White House. Much like an sad country music song, it looks like she plans to pile on everything except the pickup truck blowing a tire as an excuse for her loss.

From what the latest reports indicate, she has picked out so many people to blame for her misfortune and pain that she didn’t leave any room to take on any of this blame for herself. While that book might be a hard sell to the public, can you imagine what her top aide Huma Abedin is going through trying to entice someone to pay her to write a book?

According to the Washington Times, Huma Abedin has been shopping for a literary agent and attempting to entice someone to bite at what she has to say, which she plans on putting on the pages of a novel. Reports indicate that Abedin is looking to get somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 million for this deal. So far, no one is biting. It could be that people have heard enough of Hillary and her camp to last a lifetime.

Huma wants to tell the story of how her personal and professional lives collided while she was on the campaign trail during Hillary’s ill-fated run for the White House. It is reported that Huma is once again working on her marriage to Anthony Weiner after finally splitting with the guy when he was caught for the third time sexting online. His sexting saga included sending inappropriate pictures of himself online to various women.

According to the New York Post, Huma is “working hard” on her marriage with Weiner. At the end of March, it was reported that Weiner is spending up to 90 percent of his time living with Huma and their son at their apartment. If an argument occurs and they need separate spaces for a short time, Weiner goes to stay with his mother, who lives in an apartment in Brooklyn.

The New York Post reports that a source indicated the couple’s last breakup was done for “optics” only when it came to Hillary’s campaign, and it was done under pressure from Hillary’s camp. Now that the campaign is over and all that is left is for Hillary to yell from the woods that she should be president, Huma is left holding the bag that was once her marriage.

Did Huma’s role-playing for “optics” in an attempt to smooth over any problems her marriage might have caused Hillary’s election come back to haunt her? It sounds as if Huma and Anthony’s split was conjured up to keep the focus on Hillary when his last sexting ordeal surfaced during Hillary’s campaign.

By Huma doing this for Hillary, does this leave her in an embarrassing spot while trying to sell a book to a reputable literary agent? She’s already put up a front as if her marriage had disbanded, and now that the campaign is over, she’s letting the truth be known that she did it all for politics. It also sounds like Huma’s book is going to contain a lot about Hillary, and that might be what folks are steering away from.

Huma, Hillary, and Anthony Weiner share a common bond when it comes to Hillary losing the election. It was due to Weiner’s sexting that Hillary Clinton’s email debacle got rolling. It was what investigators found on Weiner’s laptop once it was seized that revealed the emails Hillary had sent to Huma. Apparently, Huma had used her husband’s laptop to read them at one time.


Despite all the times that Weiner had been caught sexting, a friend of the couple said they are still very much in love and have opted to work on their marriage. They blame “the pressures of the campaign and presidential race. . . and him drifting off into obscurity” for Weiner’s most recent relapse, the friend added, according to the New York Post.

It looks as if Hillary, her top aide, and the top aide’s husband all have plenty of blame to go around for other people, leaving absolutely nothing for them to shoulder. As far as Huma getting a book deal so she can make millions telling her tale, it is not an easy sell for her so far.


According to the Washington Post, Esther Newberg from the Literary Agency ICM Partners said, “No one would have approached me with this book because they know I’m not a Hillary fan. I’m an Obama fan. She continued on by saying, “This will be an interesting sale to see who wants to know what [Weiner] said to her each time he was caught. If she reveals a lot, it turns your stomach. If she doesn’t, she puts the publisher in a bad place.”

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