Joe Biden Slammed For Giving His Wife A Dandelion

Joe Biden and his wife, Jill Biden.
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President Joe Biden is facing scrutiny for giving his wife, Jill, a dandelion while walking to Marine One on Thursday, Raw Story reported.

In particular, Newsmax host Grant Stinchfield used his airtime to express dismay at Biden's decision to give his wife the dandelion, which he claimed "hasn't even blossomed into a flower yet."

According to Raw Story, dandelions that are in the seed head stage have already passed the phase of being a flower.

Nevertheless, Stinchfield took issue with Biden's choice of gift.

Biden Was Accused Of Giving People Asthma

Stinchfield argued that dandelion seed heads "give everybody asthma" and implied that Biden would trigger reactions in those near him and his wife.

"He picks up the weed and gives it to Jill in what, I guess, is supposed to be some kind of sweet gesture. I say it was a planted dandelion there, who knows."

Raw Story claimed that there is no evidence linking dandelion seed heads to asthma.

According to Healthfully, dandelions can produce allergic reactions that are directly linked to ragweed allergy.

Biden Made The Gesture On The Way To Georgia

Joe Biden and Jill Biden at an event.
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Biden picked the dandelion for his wife on the way to Georgia, The Independent reported.

"The pair are travelling to Atlanta after to meet with former president Jimmy Carter and hold a rally to mark 100 days in office and pitch the administration’s next spending bill," the publication noted.

The incident took place the morning following Biden's first address to a joint session of Congress.

The Independent noted that Biden's gift sparked divisive reactions, with the left reacting positively and the right negatively.

Biden & His Wife And Not Shy About Public Displays Of Affection

The dandelion gift is not the first public display of affection between Biden and his wife.

As reported by Yahoo News, the pair have been caught kissing on the campaign trail and during public events.

During an interview with CBS Sunday Morning last year, Biden touched on his relationship with his wife.

"I adore her. I'm going to sound so stupid — I was saying the other day, when she comes down the steps and I look at her, my heart still skips a beat."

Tucker Carlson Called The Biden Marriage 'Fake'

Biden's relationship with his wife has not convinced everyone. According to Fox News host Tucker Carlson, the pair's marriage is "fake."

As reported by GOOD, Carlson pushed back on Politico's claim that the pairs romantic gestures are both real and "restorative". According to the host, the marriage is nothing more than a public relations scam designed by political consultants.

Carlson compared the pair's relationship to climate change, which he has repeatedly claimed on his top-rated Fox show is not a significant crisis facing the world, putting him at odds with many scientists.