Chiefs' Willie Gay Jr. Arrested For Breaking A Vacuum During A Fight With His Ex Girlfriend

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Ernesto Cova

It seems like a day doesn't go by without an NFL player getting on the wrong side of the law.

This time, Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Willie Gay Jr. was the one who stole the news, as he got into an altercation with his ex-girlfriend and ended up in jail.

The defender was charged with a misdemeanor charge for total property damage of $225 for breaking a vacuum cleaner, cellphone screen protector, humidifier, a wall, and a door frame during the argument.

Gay's Ex-Girlfriend Requested A Civil Protection Order

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Gay was released on Thursday afternoon but his troubles are far from over, as he'll have to attend court to settle the case:

"The mother of Gay's 3-month-old son has requested a civil protection order, which means Gay is not allowed to have contact with either of them until the case is heard by a civil judge." reported ESPN.

"The Class B non-person misdemeanor "constitutes a domestic violence offense," according to court records. He is scheduled to return to court on March 2."

His Status For Sunday Is Up In The Air

Not having him on the field for Sunday's clash against the Buffalo Bills could be a big blow, as he's logged 87 tackles (55 solo), 2 interceptions, 4 passes defended, and 1 QB hit on 12 games (11 starts) this season.

When asked about his availability, Chiefs' DC Steve Spagnuolo deferred the question to Andy Reid:

"I’ll leave that up to Andy [Reid]," Spagnuolo told the media, per Fox News. "I’m sure he’ll address it, but if this happened in the game and it was an injury, today we just operate that way. We’ll see what happens."

Gay Had Struggled With His Mental Health

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This isn't the first time that Gay has been involved in serious issues.

Not so long ago, he tweeted that his mental health was 'F*cked up' and opened up on his struggles to stay in control:

"We're taught growing up to just hold it in and go on about your day, and keep distractions away," Gay said back then. "But I got to the point where I was like, ‘I can’t shake this,' and I had to tell my coaches, the people that I work with."

Chiefs' DC Has His Back

At least, Gay has the support of his team and DC Steve Spagnuolo, who had nothing but praise for him during this tough time:

"I wasn’t aware of what you’re talking about there, but all I can say about Willie is I love working with him," Spagnuolo said. "He’s been terrific. Man, I think you guys know he had a baby, and I talk to him about that a lot. Hopefully things will work out for the best for everybody."

Hopefully, he'll get the counsel he needs to be at peace.